Help vs spiral/storm-variety?

no matter what team i use, i can’t get pass it… if i push block super jump, i’ll just jump into the typhoon… it’s hella annoying. it’s like spiral/sent except it’s hitting you verticle also… and if i snap storm in, that’s really not helping me because i get RTSD’d. best teams are scrub, spiral/cable/sent, and doom/cable/aaa. any advice?

I’ll just take it and try and delve into it from all your teams. Is the third character on this person’s team Cable? I hope so, cause that’s what I am gonna write for.

With Scrub, you want to start Sent. The key here is to try and keep on her big time, but to do this, both Sent and Cap are going to take some hurt. If you are on the ground blocking, and he throws his swords plus Storm, block the first two swords, and let the next two and Storm’s assist hit you. What happens is that the Typhoon knocks you out of harm’s way, and you have unfly, and also, you can fly in and bait a circle of swords or something. Also, you do not want to be in the corner yourself, because he may be able to hit the corner circle of swords plus vertical assist trap, which is very ugly to escape sometimes. Eventually, you will have to zone her to the corner and make her guess and then kill her outright.

Should you want to start Cable, you must use viper beams to get rid of as many swords as possible and also tagging the assists. Grenade placing is also key as it can keep her at bay. I’m not to familiar with the Cable v. Spiral, but onto the next.

With Spiral/Cable/Sent, I know I’m not familiar with this team, so someone else will have to take that.

But with Doom/Cable/AAA, if you know how to play Blackheart, choose him as the AAA, and start Doom. The key here is to keep them pinned with the Doom/BH trap and punish according to their actions. You can also do the same thing with BH/Doom, but you would basically would keep her down with Infernos and lock her with demons/Doom.

But it will be a very tough fight however either way, but it is winnable though. I hope more people come in and help though, cause I’ve only faced that team once so.

But I hope anything helps.

hmm instead of scrub try to pick cable sent cyke. Cyke jumps half screen for his assist so if you can make it to half screen you can interupt the sword lock down. Hell probably take a sword or 2 so thats another plus. You can also try to GC into sentinel and get behind sent. Let sent take a sword or 2 so you can shoot back. Sent ground type would be the most useful in this case I think. I think the drones would knock some of the swords out of the way?

When you use your assist to absord the hits you gotta watch your assists life. Dont let it get down too far because you might get snapped in. You also gotta make sure you use that oppurtunity to you full advantage.

using cyke may stop spiral but it will give you a harder time with storm. If you can GC right you may be able zap storm assist with cable. Watch how hes timing storm and see if you can GC AHVB her. Im pretty sure one good zap will stop the opponent from using that assist for a while. This will probably give you a small advantage for a while.

Who around here is using Spiral/Storm-Y? Spider-Dan’s been dinking around with that screwy Spiral/BH/Venom team of his, but I haven’t seen a Spiral/Storm-Y.

sean uses it occasionally

i don’t think i’ve ever beat him when he uses that team, but i can beat his row though

Well, my take is that if you’re using Scrub, you need to keep Sentinel/Commando close enough to Spiral and Storm to keep them thinking about the corridor. There shouldn’t be that many characters that are better at doing this than Sentinel. If they’re on the ground on you too far away to assert Commando, assert the laser beams instead. Sent/Commando is a matchup that should be forcing Spiral to be very careful how she sets stuff up and keeping her off balance enough that she never gets into too much of a rhythm. If they’re using Spiral/Cable/Storm or something like that, you should be keeping the heat up, and if Cable comes out, hurt him. There’s a very limited amount that Spiral can do to protect her assists if she doesn’t already have swords, and when she has swords is when she most often needs to call her assists to keep Sentinel off of her in the first place. The biggest thing is, don’t be passive. Run interference and keep Spiral from getting into a rhythm.

With Spiral/Cable/Sentinel… well, this is a matter of which element of this team they’re not using to make room for Storm. If Storm is replacing Sentinel then you have the advantage in how much horizontal crud you can throw, so use that. If Storm is replacing Cable, you’ve got the close range advantage, so get in close and attack her. Put a few throws on her. Spiral’s throw is probably her most reliably damaging move that she can do on a moment’s notice, so if he’s playing a defensive style, push it in his face and use it a bit with the thought that Cable’s also back there for you and isn’t there for him to control the close range.