Help w/dragon punch


i can do fireballs np at all , but i cant seem to be able to do drg.punch

its always a fireball when i try it , i know what the motion is for drg. punch

i just dont know what im doing wrong when i try it


Sometimes we get ourselves set in “modes” when we execute and how we try to perform certain things becomes a habit. It’s hard to break from the habit and TRAIN yourself to do something the right way, or a way that works better for us.

Try calming yourself down and doing the input SLOWLY being AWARE of what you’re doing. Not just trying it. If you do it correctly, remember HOW you did it. Make a song or timing pattern in your head while you do this. Retrain yourself to keep doing it this way.

Old habits die hard. You have to be motivated to fix it. But it’s not all that difficult.

This seems like really simple and dumb advice, but it’s the truth.


Best advice I can give is don’t move the stick past down forward, and press punch -right- as the stick reaches it. SF2’s stricter with inputs than some of the more recent games.


^ like he said.

If you have a stick with a square gate (a lot of those store bought jap-style sticks have them) cram that mother down in the diagonal and hit punch.

although, this should be irrelevant right? Don’t DP’s override FBs? Meaning, press towards, then FB, you’ll get a DP?


i dont think it overides it cuz i know i press forward before trying the DP motion and then when i do fireball motion all i keep getting is fireballs

im trying to hit punch when right at downforward motion but i get nothing no DP or fireball


If you tap forward and then do a fb motion, you will get a dp.

If you want to be a better sf player, practice the correct motion instead of the above.


ok…im getting better with DP on SF3 using the foward then db motion, but for ST its not really working that well using that strat.

anyone have any other suggestions or links to photo/vid of actual controller motions so i can learn what im doing wrong


If I had my digital camera Id make a short tiny video or take a picture of how I do it… since I had the same exact problems in ST when I first started playing again. What I do is just take my thumb and tilt it from the starting button to down then back… without actually moving it. Its kinda hard to explain… but I used to only get DPs in ST like 1 out of 10 tries now I get them like 13 or 14 out of 15. I wish I could use an analogy for the motion I use… kind of like pinching dough on a pie I guess…

Hope that helped.


It may or may not help but, you can always try this little practice run. *Practice tapping forward directly to down a few times quickly so that it’ll become a smooth motion. Then once you get the hang of that try the same motion and then follow it immediately by holding down/forward for at most 3/4 of a second and tap any punch buttons. I know it sounds like the usual instructions and crap, but you can actually hold the down/forward for a little while and still complete the move. As long as you are accurate with the diagonal you’ll be fine.

On another note, if you want to work on building speed for the DP, practice doing weak DPs with any shoto or the weak backwards DPs with Fei Long. I prefer Fei Long since he can repeat the move the fastest.

Hope that helps if anything. :wonder: