Help w/ repair to Mayflash stick

I checked in the general threads but their didn’t seem to be anything directly pertaining to this.

I ordered a Mayflash PS2/PS3/PC USB Fighting Stick from PlayAsia and it arrived today. After taking a look at it though, the lever seems to be broken. It kind of just rattles around in there, like it isn’t fastened and it sinks into the box. : /

Is this something that I could just repair myself, possibly? I have no experience with working on sticks, but if it’s simple enough, I suppose I could do it myself. I’m just a little wary about opening this thing up, cuz if I can’t fix it, I’m going to have to send it back and I’m sure they might not take it back if it’s been fiddled with.

If you could take some pictures of what might be broken inside, I’m sure someone could point you in the right direction, homie.

is the joystick itself loose? maybe the clip on the end of the joystick shaft came off and thats whats rattling around inside.

Well, I just unscrewed the bottom sheet and removed it and was taking a look inside it. The white plastic box that the lever is attached too, that entire box was loose inside. It wasn’t attached to the top of the box, which is why it was rattling around inside. All the wires are connected, but since it isn’t firm to the top of the box, it isn’t staying in place.

It looks like there were four areas of black rubber that may have been adhesive that were keeping it attached. It doesn’t look like there were any screws. I guess it just came off?

It’s hard to take a decently lighted picture with my webcam, but this is what I’m talking about in the attachment.

mod it

im with evil… mod it

I don’t know anything about modding. : /

One of the wires connected to the base with the lever was disconnected to, aside from what I’m assuming was the shipping damage to the lever base. Sooooo, I soddered the wire back on, and I just super glued the base back to the top of the box. I checked out the lever/buttons before glueing it and they all seemed to work fine. Now I just have to see if the glue will hold.

I’ll prolly just mess around with this one for a while, until I get comfortable using a stick, then maybe I’ll buy a better one like a HORI or something. ^^’’

it’s hard to tell what the problem is so imma just give you some trouble shooting ideas. Also, i’m not exactly sure of what your problem is

1: try screwing the screws that are on the pcb tighter.
2: check to see if all the parts on the stix are there. There should be an e/c-clip followed by an activator, then a spring and finally something to hold in the spring.

It looks like one of em hori sticks, so heres some pics, hope they help

What it should look like combined
All the parts, hopefully you have all of them, that’s also the order
Another picture of all the parts you should have and the order they should be in

as the others suggest grab your favorite stick and mod it. it’s the best choice.
Not very hard

Btw nice avatar you have

JB weld the fuck out of it and it will never come off again