Help w/ Scum Gale after crossup?

And, I suppose, this applies to any character with a decently good crossup (roll or jump-in or dash) and one of those weird SNK-type throws (e.g., Yama’s Bomb Bopper, Vice’s Drag throw).

I have a hard time executing a Scum Gale when I’m crossing up the opponent w/ Iori’s roll. Crossup B+short is easier but I usually wait until I land and then input the commands really quickly, so there’s a lag between landing and throwing. Non-crossup roll into scum gale is easy for me. I almost never land (much less execute) a scum gale after a crossup roll.

Part of the reason is that I’m still a bit iffy on when the engine determines that I have switched sides in terms of inputting my commands. Case in point: Parrying while airborne is always tapping forward. BUT, one time, there was this Vega who jumped in on my Todo with a steep, ambiguous crossup roundhouse. I begin my input for his Super counter, but he crosses my centerline just as I hit Down on the joystick. I complete the original super motion and the super flashes, but I get his Lvl 3 wave instead (which luckily catches Vega and kills him off. Yow. Lucky bastard I am.)

So my question is, when do I start the scum gale motion on a crossup roll? Do I wait to input the commands as quickly as possible as soon as I cross over on the other side? Or will I have to do some fancy-ass timing, like:

[rolling from the 1P side] 6, 3, 2, [crosses up here], 3, 6, 4 + Punch?

Thanks guys.

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… Hmm… thinks maybe I should post this in the general strategy forum since it would help with Vice and Yama too…

As an example, when an opponent tries to cross-up on wakeup and you try to punish with a reversal DP, you’ll enter the motion for a DP towards the right while he’s on the right, then press punch as soon as he crosses to the left. Result: DP to the left.

If the dpad motion has fully registered as it should be, then the side on which the move comes out is the side the opponent is on when you press a button.

If you wanted to, you could simply do a HCB for the scum gale. Do HCB right b4 you cross-up, hold back which becomes forward, and hit punch. It’s gonna be tight timing.

It depends on how you’re crossing them up. If you’re doing something that’s crossing them up really quickly AND perfectly, like crossing up with the very end of a roll or empty jump, then hcb, f, B + P is the best way to do it. The nice thing about this method is that even if you don’t cross up at all on accident (happens fairly often with ambiguous cross ups) you’ll still get the grab.

If you’re crossing up with something slower, like Iori’s jump b+short, then just start the normal hcb, f+p motion later. Make sure to start it after you have crossed over the opponent.

Thanks for the advice, Buk. I’m guessing the last back+punch has to come in at the same time, otherwise you’ll get a normal throw?