Help w/ SFAC Cord installation. Tech Savvy please


as you all remember the SFAC Cord had a PS2/Xbox1 extention.

Im trying to install this into my MC Cthulhu, but i need help.

Toodles informed me it would be easy to find out with a multimeter but i dont have one. :sad:

heres the link to the instructables on how to install an ordinary PS2 cable.

Color Purpose Pin # Cthulhu Column
Brown - DATA - 1 - C
Orange - CMD - 2 - B
Black - GND - 4 - G
Red - VCC - 5 - V
Yellow - ATT - 6 - D
Blue - CLK - 7 - A
Green - ACK - 9 - F

Now ignore the colors and go off the 3 letter abbreviations.

on the SFAC’s PCB the wiring Abbreviations go like this from top to bottom (again this is just telling me what wires are what i WONT be using the SFAC pcb itself.)


trying to get this cord installed properly onto a MC Cthulhu, but i dont have a multimeter i posted in the thread but i dont have the money for one atm. Any ideas? help? Pictures possible. would be much appreciated thanks everyone.


I’ve gotten so many PS2 extension cables that all have used different color coding. With out a continuity test you are SOL, you can make a ghetto continuity tester out of a battery holder and an LED, resistor(330 ohm) and and wires if you have them lying around.


Yea i know how to mod all the reg ps2 cords but man the SFAC Cord is wierd. i suppose i would fuck up the MC Cthulhu if i did a little trial and error? lol…

Anyway i already ordered ps2 cable and GC cable straight from toodles himself i just wanted to know if i could use this one in anyway. If anyone has any pictures or has done this with thier own SFAC Cord post up plz.