Help! Want to use Hugo but can't

I’ve recently started practicing with Hugo, and to me it is like moving a two ton boulder around. He’s just so slow!
The only other character i use is Alex (with which i’m alot better than i am with Hugo at least) and it’s pretty obvious that they should not be played the same way.

Anyway, i’ll get to the point. Everytime i meet some decent player they just rush me down and doesn’t even leave me a second to breathe. What should i do! I’ve tried reading the threads in the forum but i just can’t use that stuff in matches because my opponent is right on top of me. Any tips would be nice.

Throw. Learn as much as you can about Hugo’s throws - ranges, speed, recovery, etc. Learn how and when to do Moonsault Press (360 +P [actually more like 270 degrees] ) especially. Although ultra throw, then shootdown backbreaker combo does help to get your opponent toward the corner, or give you a decent amount of time to get a taunt in, like lyrical acid mentioned, it does less damage than HP Moonsault Press and is slower with a 7 frame start up compared to Moonsault Press’ 2.

Hugo is a similar character to Zangief from the other Street Fighter series games. Patience and execution are practically required to be an effective Zangief user in these games. Hugo is definitely no exception. He is arguably at his best when he is up close with the chance to grab you with an ultra throw combo set up, moonsault press, gigas breaker, etc. The Ipotential damage of some of these moves, especially a full taunted Gigas Breaker is ridiculous.

A common problem a lot of Hugo users run into is getting in close. Sometimes this kind of becomes the goal of the fight because you know you will destroy your opponent with a couple of command throws once you get next to them. Fortunately, like lyrical acid said, Hugo has a good mid range game. he’s got good range and priority on his pokes and other normals. plus he does a lot of stun damage. his giant palm bombers have good frame andvantage after them when blocked, (puts your opponents in block stun for 10-19 frames depending on button(s) pressed) so you can start a mix up game after them for one thing.

Hugo’s Shootdown Backbreaker is all right as an anti air, if you anticpate your opponent jumping and can catch them early. However, it has no priority against air attacks. I find it more useful to escape from the corner after landing a moonsault press or another knockdown. Also, after Hugo’s nuetral throw from far-mid screen, he tosses his opponent across the screen. a lk, or mk shootdown backbreaker can help you get back close to your opponent before they wake up, but can be risky to do if opponents quick recover because it has pretty heavy recovery.

The other area that is probably needed to do well with Hugo is parrying. not that you don’t need to learn parrying in general (for every character). its just that parrying with Hugo can lead to landing command grabs (ex. Moonsault Press, Gigas Breaker).

once you learn his throws and feel comfortable fighting close to your opponent (don’t be afraid to risk getting hit, Hugo has good defense) and those players keep rushing you down, the match should be in your favor, or at least start in your favor.
There’s nothing like a ken player losing to you because “all you did was throw!”