Help wanted: strategies to deal with beam assists

Hi. Can someone recommend me a general strategy to deal with rush-down point characters covered by beam assists? It seems the teams giving me the most trouble right now have a Wolvie, Zero, Spencer, or a Nova up front and either Doom, Magneto, or Strange covering 'em. And though not beams, Vergil and Ammy assists have been just about as annoying.

(just FYI, I’m far from being a high-level player… I’m just trying to not be free in my house league XD)

Careful decisions. What team do you use?

The characters I typically play are Cap, GR, Haggar, Frank, FB, and Skrull. Just started Strange too. I can also throw in Task, DP, or Hawk as needed but I’m not great with them. Skrull tends to be my comeback anchor, which means I’m usually fucked if he gets snapped in. :frowning: I’ve been learning Haggar/Strange/Skrull lately to deal with rushdowns, but I’m fearful that Strange bolts are too slow against most other long-range assists.

Right now, I’ve gotta worry about Dante/Vergil/Strider, which is my next opponent. I’m considering putting Cap as anchor against Strider so I can Charging Star thru Ouroboros, but I’ll consider crash-coursing any other characters if all of mine are at a disadvantage to Dante/Vergil…

I think the first thing you may need to do is settle on a team, so that you’ll have a stable plan to use.

A general way to deal with beam assists is to block them, or jump to avoid them. Against Spencer, he is -12 on his zip-lines I believe, so if he uses these you should be air-throwing him, which will also make you avoid the beam.

I’m a Cap user myself, and I usually have plasma beam as an assist. He has Stars and Stripes so you could use that to anti-air Wolverine and Nova, to shut down their air options. Though I wouldn’t recommend using him as your anchor. If Strider, or any character gives you problems snap them in and try to get rid of them.

Play Skrull point on that team. Skrull with a beam and Lariat behind him is really good, and he’s a gimmicky anchor that is more of a gamble than a solid bet. You’ll have a better time maneuvering around the field than with Haggar and finding the right time to call either assist. Alternately you could play Skrull/Haggar/Strange if you think having an anchor is important for you. But the basic gameplan against most beam players should be: wait for them to call their beam and jump or super jump to get away from it, then call yours and go in.

That said, Haggar last has only one option against Oroboros, and that’s Lariat. Otherwise you have to use his buff health to take the brunt of it while not getting hit cleanly. So your best bet is to get a hit on Dante and snap in Strider, since Dante is the least scary anchor of the bunch and Vergil with Dante behind him is much more workable.

Skrull with lariat is disgusting. It shouldn’t even be allowed.

Play it, and eat all the tears of your opponents.