Help Wanted! - Versus City Arcade Locator

Hey guys, for the past couple of months I’ve been putting together a wiki for arcades in Japan, so that if people are coming to Japan and want to go to an arcade and play against the best in their favorite game, they’ll be able to find a location easily. There are a lot of Japanese arcade directories, but the problem for people visiting Japan is that they often can’t read the directions. For a lot of people on SRK they already know a bunch of places and good players, but for most people out there it’s a bit tougher, so I decided to start this wiki.

You can find the wiki here:

I already posted this in the World Matchmaking forum, but if you have been to Japan and have played in some arcades here, or if you can read Japanese and translate the Japanese arcade directories, I’d love if you could spread your knowledge to fellow gamers who are visiting Japan. As you can see, the Kanto and Kansai ares are getting filled up at a decent rate, but we still need some good arcades in the other areas of Japan. At any rate, if you can contribute, please feel free to do so! Thanks!

Edit: If you wanna see a good example of a basic layout for the wiki, check the Nishi Shinjuku page: