well I watched the match between FChamp and Infrit but I want to ask that how do Champ’s Magneto/Doom air-dashing in flight mode??
how do they do it?


activate fly

plink :h:~:m:

alternate directions while doing it

cancel flight with :s:


you mean :arrow_upper_right::arrow_right::arrow_lower_right:+M&H in flight mode?


yes and if you have any more questions please post in the Q&A thread next time.




I’m severely gellyz of you Magneto players. -_-




now why’s that? lol i’m still at scrub status with my magneto :slight_smile:


hmm…I just picked up Magneto and I’m still in scrub status for sure


You bettah be, nigguh!


Y’all don’t know how much time I have put in to learning this old dirty bastard, but I can’t even do a simple fly combo. The character just move too awkwardly for me to gel with him. (Plays Jill, lol.)


Fuck a fly combo! MagBlasts and HyperGrav for days son!


Baby steps. =|


It honestly doesn’t matter that much what your combo of choice is as long as it can corner carry or you know how to side switch mid-combo so that you bring your opponent to the corner and can Hyper Grav loop them afterwards.