Help! Wanting to progress!


I’ve never been good at fighting games, but I wanted to make a decent effort for MvC3.

I’ve read and continue to read SRK’s guide, along with threads, etc. I’ve spent hours on training mode and mission mode to get down button execution in a neutral state. I’m starting to practice hit-confirming and following up.

  1. I’m not sure if this is an efficient way of practicing and would like general tips for next steps or steps I might have skipped.

  2. What is the best way to learn hit-confirming? Right now I have just been waiting for the yellow burst to appear. Right now, my brain is going through the thought process of, “Ok he’s hit, now execute the next move.” or “Ok he’s blocked, execute a safe move.” This is far too slow, but if this is the correct way of thinking then I will keep trying until I get faster. I feel like in order to follow up with the next hit, my reaction time has to be almost instant. Is there a general link that works with most characters that I can use to test and follow up with?

  3. How can I incorporate blocking into my play more fluidly? It seems like when I play against an AI or player, I can’t block fast enough after I make an attack (this might be because I over extend myself). Also, how is there any general signals that tell whether I need to block high, mid, or low? It seems that the really good players either know what to expect and are prepared, or they have really great reaction timing.

  4. Do most players make up combos on the spot or are most of them well practiced? When I watch videos, it seems as though players follow up with moves so appropriately but aren’t the same every time. Do they follow some sort of rule based on mechanics (for example, L>M>H>S>Hyper) and just do variations to extend the combo?

  5. What are good ways to train your reaction time? For example, what drills and exercises should I keep doing with a practice partner?


  1. The best way to practice is to keep playing. Training mode and mission mode are good to learn combosand such, but taking those skill to arcade mode on hard mode will definately help. and online fights are even better. IT just generally helps to keep playing and if u play with other people your skills will improve if you want them to.

  2. Again more practice. as for a general combo that works for most if not all characters in MVC3 is L,L,(to hit confirm),M,H,S, Air M, Air M, Air S. two lights is a safe hit confirm (still kinda meh on hit confirming myself)

  3. Most combos are found through experimentation of how the properties of each attack work with each other, and how you incorporate special moves and hyper combos. Thats how people found some of the 100% combos in the game, just by trying different things to get the biggest combo out. Mission mode is a great way to start some of the combos in mission mode can be expanded on, its all about experimenting.

  4. Get a friend cause the MVC3 training mode doesent have a record/playback feature like street fighter 4 did which is retarded. but have your friend throw hadokens at you and play a character with a counter move like Weskers H RDP counter attack which counters projectiles and sets you up for combos. and again playing more with other people will increase your skill

Srry about #3 I didnt really know how to answer that one