Help! Wasn't too bad at USF4 but I incredibly suck at SF5 :(

It looks like it’s harder for me to unlearn USF4 than starting from scratch would be.

I really HATE that I cannot use any combo I’ve learned in USF4. I actually liked starting from lights.

I’m so bad at SF5 atm, I’m feeling if I’ve never played any fighting game before. :frowning:

Anyone with similar experiences?

You can start many combos with lights; it’s just weaker and pretty much not worth it depending on the situation.

Seems like a tiny thing to get over though.

Breaking bad habits isn’t too difficult if you continue to just practice combos you find, even if they’re the most basic. Adapting is key to being a good player, and identifying the source of your problems at this stage is a good step to learning how to adapt.

You can still combo off lights if you land a counter hit or meaty light.

I don’t think it’s too difficulty to unlearn the strategies / combos from USF4, especially if you approach the game like an entirely new game and keep practising ‘new habits’, it’ll feel like second nature again. Keep at it and try to remember your new habits / strats while you play.

I don’t mean to offend and this may be wrong but… Is it possible you focused on the wrong things in sfiv? Fundamentals are important in sfv. Playing ryu with fundamental knowledge of fireball/dp game, and fundamental ideas of frametraps, whiff punishes and buffers, I found I’ve been winning with ease through low levels even when I knew little about the game. Obviously good players can make it hard but fundamentals destroy lesser players in this game…

need to improve your rock paper scissors game

What character are you playing? Maybe try picking an easier one (e.g. Ryu, Cammy) until you’re comfortable with SF5.

Interesting, I’m the opposite. Being a Sagat player from Street Fighter IV, I’m doing better in this game (3300 LP) than I would have imagined. I’ve been dominating players who I couldn’t touch in IV. One guy used to be over 4000 pp, now he can’t even get past ultra bronze. I suppose it depends on who you played in IV, some skills translate over, some don’t. For example, my friend has great execution and was amazing with Ibuki and her canned setups, but seems to have lacked fundamentals. I on the other hand have poor execution, but stronger fundamentals, which seems to suit me better in this game. Also poor execution doesn’t seem to handicap me in this game like it did IV.

Edit: On further reflection, I suspect It could also be that it is early on. Once the meta evolves, I expect to drop rank and not be able to compete with Gold players like I currently can. Same thing happened in Starcraft 2, I did well early (High diamond), but as the meta evolved it became harder and harder for me to compete.

Who was your main and who are you trying to use now?

I have a similiar problem, I could consistently antiair in sf4 but sfv somehow gives me trouble…

I hope it’s just that I need to get used to the new movesets but something feels off, Im always too late it seems… Oo

I am in a similar situation. Good fundamentals and crappy execution. I am having an easier time with the execution, though I didn’t pick the easiest character for it so I am struggling on some things.

However, unlike you, my adjustment to the game is slow. My rhythm is just off. For example, when blockstun ends throws me off. It’s also a new game, so I need time to learn how to counter the other characters. Learning new anti-airs for example resulted in a ton of losses at first.

So I’m just practicing, and it is coming around. Slow but steady progress. In Ultra Bronze now, but expect to hit Silver soon.

It probably does have to do with the character. I would imagine defensive characters would take longer to start winning with in general.

git gud