Help! Web sites to find mas sticks


I just got back from Brazil, I don’t have any Street fighter stuff anymore, but a dreamcast… so I’m looking to buy 2 new arcade sticks(Mas) around the time of august 30th earlier september…

Can anyone give me the web sites…

Btw the domain is closed…

The only web site I cant find is


i would call them. if their domain went down they are probably going out of biz.


I wonder why besides the fact that every mas stick has problems, but here is where I got mine


Try looking around eBay and craigslist every now and then. I got lucky with a $10 MAS off craigslist (although wired for xBox with concaves, but easily swapped for a PSX pad and new parts). So, I spent like $40 in the end.


i have a mas body wired to a psx pad with a perfect 360 its in hella good condition hella clean wireing with quick disconnects and it even has the custom capcom arcade thing over it the one that capcom cabinets have dunno how to explain it but ill do 90 plus shipping for it.


Is it one of the older, aka the good p360’s, or is it a newer one?


its about a year old but feels brand new and its a very responsive stick but who knows if theres a way o tell let me no and ill check


lol it took me fucking forever to get my MAS. I’m talking like almost 3 months. Definitely worth it though. That little asian dude can solder like nobody else.