Help When Playing With Pad Users


A lot of my friends are casual SFIV players and prefer the SixAxis/DualShock 3 to an arcade stick. Whenver we play I have to reset the PS3 whenever I want to connect or disconnect my stick–the game won’t recognize the stick when it’s connected between matches. Is there any way to get around this? I’ve tried turning off a controller, returning to the main menu, etc., and it’s still not working.

Thanx in advance.


Hold the Home button then go to controller settings.


have pad be 1st player, when he goes to main menu have him enter versus mode again and press start on your stick.

you can also hold the home button and go to controller settings and switch your stick or pad to a number that was being used in the last match if you dont want to go to the main menu again.


Thanx a lot.