HELP: Where to get a HRAP3 in Kyoto?

Hey guys,

If there were any people who happen to be in Kyoto, would you have any idea where can I get a HRAP3, and how much would it cost?
I happen to know a person whose staying there for a a bit, trying to see if he can get one and post back home in Australia if its cheaper/not sold out than Play-Asia.

Thanks in advance,

Well, there’s a sofmap in kyoto near a-cho, that MIGHT have it. I don’t know any other stores in the area tho. The thing is, HRAPs and all PS3/360 sticks have been sold out for a while because of SFIV.

You got a Bic Camera near by?

Does Bic Camera even exist in Kyoto?

Unless you find one used, you won’t be able to find one.

I’ve been looking for months, and according to Hori, they’ll have new ones out in May.

Hmm, I see…

I think I might just have to pre order from Play-Asia, I don’t want my exchange rate to go screw me over if it goes back down again :frowning:

The infamous exchnage rate screws us all sooner or later.

Wow, apparently I was wrong.

I went to Sofmap just yesterday and they had two brand new HRAP3s.

Yeah, went to Akiba yesterday, and I saw HRAP3’s in like 4 different stores. One of the Sofmap’s had like 4 in stock for only 6980 yen each. I was laughing at Liberty who was selling a used one for 12800 yen o_O

Yeah, I went yesterday and I saw a bunch in stock at the sofmap in Osaka. I guess they got a reshipment, thankfully.