HELP! who is the artist for this art?

i am looking up this artist again becuase i’m trying to investigate something, but i cant recall the artist. Does anyone know and can redirect me to the site??


looks like he took off all the full model art, dang.

BlodiaVulcan5, your av rocks.
Who made it?


(post too short).

Nice job. I love it.
Make a Luigi one. He always gets left out. :shake:

thanks, i don’t like luigi as much as i love mario, but recently finishing Super Paper Mario and seeing Super Luigi (Green Lighting was his superhero nickname) then maybe.

Nice. Haven’t played much of Super Paper Mario, but Super Luigi sounds awesome.
Luigi kicks butt in SSBM.

I’d so rock that Luigi av if you ever decide to make one. :tup:

I got the nickname wrong, it’s Mr. L:

Haha, nice. Now he really looks like a superhero.