HELP! Will 1/2 inch Wood be an issue for my joystick height for my DIY fightstick?

So I ordered 1 slab of 1/2 inch Mahogany wood 2 feet by 1 feet but 1/2 inch thick. I cannot get it routed or anything like that because where I live is in the Caribbean and I don’t think I ever saw a wood work shop here. lol only metal work shops.

So I wanna know if I put in a IL Eurostick HAPP joystick if it will be high enough? I am mounting it from the underside so the top will be perfectly flush with 6 button holes and 1 hole for a stick everything else will be flawless. My hands are kinda big and I am not a fan of small sticks which is why I HATE ball top japanese sticks. I like old school American HAPP sticks bat top. Shafts in Japanese sticks are also incredibly short by default because Asians have tiny hands. I am a big black man I have large hands so Japanese sticks will never work for me plus I want that sick insane American HAPP feel I wanna relive the 90’s when Killer Instinct comes out end of this month for PC and I also am gonna buy SF5 for PC aswell.

Another issue I have is the buttons how do I mount buttons onto this thing that is 1/2 inch thick? I highly doubt screw on sanwa or seimitsu will work. Will snap in work? won’t the tension on the snap spring get weak over time?

This is my dream stick I am building here its 100% Mahogany wood from the Caribbean with the exception of the bottom I am not sure what I will put there. Also the height of the side of this case is 2.5 inches I assume the Euro joy HAPP will fit and have enough room?

First off read, everything about stick building you need to know is there.
Yes the PCB section is out of date, everything there is correct, relevant, and the basics never changed.

As for your first question, here are the specs for mounting Happ/IL parts.

That actually wrong, Snap-ins are not held in with springs. They are held in with little plastic tabs and are design to fit in thin sheet metal and/or plastic/fiberglass panels.
Screw-Ins can go in thicker material. But at the most Seimitsu screw in buttons can no no deeper than 8mm. Read Slagcoin, they talk how you can get around this issue.

As for your buttons, Happ/IL buttons can mount into that kind of material with no problems.

You want to go higher, Happ/IL buttons go 1-1/8” deep and their joysticks can go further.

So the whole larger geographic area that covers several countries does not have a single wood work shop?
Where are you getting the tools to work on Caribbean Mahogany? Where are you getting the Mahogany?

^ Hi thanks well I am from Trinidad and Tobago so yeah have never seen a woodwork shop here but has tons of machine shops.
I got this mahogany wood at a local sawmill here. Maybe there are woodwork shops I know someone who builds furniture at his garage he makes all kind of furniture maybe I should check him.

The guy at the saw mill said he would cut it 1/2 inch thickness because thinner and it could flex or bend inwards overtime he said.

Problem is I already ordered the panel and the sides the sides is 2.5 inch high and the top panel is 1/2" x 2’x1’

But on focusattack site the IL Eurostick claims to have a bottom base of 2.3 inches. so I figured 2.5 inch would be enough?

You also want to make sure you have space for your circuit board too. How you figure that out is up to you.

As for the Saw Mill, I thinking now with the area’s higher humidity and area that could cause wood to warp.
So the Saw mill guy is right.

^ Yeah well I was looking at this video and I figured I would do it similar minus the obvious pro routing skills and actually owning a router.

I plan on making it large maybe not as large as this but I would say large so it has lots of place for the circuit board. I have big hands so this was one of the main reasons for building this no pre built stick ever has enough palm rest for me.