Help: wiring a P360 Stick to an XBOX360 pad

has this been done yet? been doing searches, nothing has popped up. tutorials or anything? i wanna tap into the pad’s power, not use batteries or shit like that.

anything would be appreciated

just tap the +5v off of the USB line.

Unless you’re using an un-wired pad…

im not too experienced with +5v on usb. any trick to it, be more specific? and yea, wired only =)

also, anyone have any recommendations for a good pad to use? i used a pelican pad for one of my switch sticks which worked nice, but theres no common ground to my knowledge.

shit, i just realized, a p360 only supports a common ground huh? if so, could that be problematic if the d-pad has no common ground?

damnit i hate p360’s

edit: taiki. ok i learned that the red wire on usb is the +5v. can i just solder onto that wire at the connector on the pad’s pcb? or would i need to do something else?

thanks for the help =)


You can solder right from that wire.

in fact, I’ve done a similar job tapping +5v for an NES Controller->parallel adapter I made… The adapter couldn’t pull enough for some joysticks and other accessories, so I had to pull +5v from USB.

You can solder all of the grounds to the ground on the stick. The only thing I’d do is make sure that this is kosher first. I had some whackass beatmania controller that didn’t like that and gave up wierd button presses when you’d press several buttons’ grounds together.

That’s not going to work, it’ll act as some weird direction/button combination being pressed all the time and trigger even more inputs when the stick is moved around. The 360 controllers doesn’t use grounds per say but rather a weird matrix setup where pressing a button closes a circuit between two pins on the controller CPU, there’s a finite number of pins shared by all inputs where different combinations will result in different inputs. Closing one end of say A to one end of say B could instead result in X being triggered or maybe Y if you were to choose the other two ends.


Aren’t there third party options?

I posted up how to do it in the padhacking thread. Did I miss anything?