[Help] Wiring Happ parts

I’m a complete newbie and I just got my happ “iL eurostick (competition) stick” and “competition buttons” yesterday.

Every part seems to have identical cherry microswitches at the bottom, and each microswitch piece has 3 metal prongs labeled 1, 2, and 4

I am padhacking an “H-series” psone pad like the ones shown in these 2 links

So now for the actual questions:

  1. Each microswitch has 3 metal prongs that I assume I need to wire. I’m currently GUESSING (based purely on color) that on the microswitches, 1 is ground and 2 & 4 are button input? Is this correct?

  2. Please let me know if this is right: my current understanding is that I simply need to connect my button inputs to the red things in the picture below, and the grounds to the blue things in the picture below. The picture I am talking about is this: http://arkadesticks.com/hackedpads/PSOneDualShockH.jpg

  3. Why do I need a 3.3V Vc? Is the Vc input for some other purpose, or do I need to wire it to something to make the buttons/joystick work?

Huge thanks in advance for any help!

Happ doesn’t sell iL eurosticks anymore, thats like saying you got some Sanwa “Seimitsu LS-32-01s”.

The diffrent tabs on Cherry style switches are normally open, normally closed and ground.

You don’t need 3.3v unless something you are using requires power, LEDs ect.