Help with 360 wireless controller for windows

Yo everyone, so hopefully not everyone is a stick user, but i have a problem with basically a brand new xbox 360 wireless controller for windows.

I was using it perfectly for at least a week+ and this morning I unplugged it from my pc, the wireless receiver, and took my controller to my gf’s laptop. I have no power of any kind to the receiver, and the laptop isn’t reading the usb. I try multiple usb’s and nothing, I then try her pc and still nothing. The controller is working fine, but the receiver seems to be dead. Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome, I hope i dont have to replace this since it is brand new…yay microsoft.

Thanks in advance

Happened to me once.

Uninstall the receiver software, download the new version of the software from microsoft’s website, reboot computer and reinstall.

That worked for me and it’s been working since.

Cool thanks for the tips but think it might have just died. I found other forums with people complaining of it dying or being DOA rather quickly.

Any other suggestions would be awesome as I have tried reinstalling properly and taking the right trouble shooting tips from microsoft