Help with 3rd Character?


I got this game a week ago and I’m sure that I want to play Dr. Doom and Wesker. I’m looking for a third character that will synergize the most with Doom anchor (Plasma Beam assist) and Wesker point or secondary (low gun shot assist).



For easy damage with Dorm use: abcs, bbcs, call wesker, bcs, bbcs, pillar otg, flame super.


Thanks, I’ll try that out. I’m still open to other character suggestions!


Doom is sort of that character that just works with anyone. It’s why he’s used a lot. He’s a good substitute for a lot of teams when you don’t know what assists/support to add to your team. Wesker is strongest on point. Really, you’re just looking for a character who can work well in the second position without needing more support than plasma beam. There are a lot of characters like this, but ones that would stand out would be vergil/dante/magneto(plasma beam and disruptor would probably overlap though). Teleport characters abuse beam assists the most. Then you have the option of running doom second and putting ammy or sentinel or strider third since ur using plasma beam. Your options are not very limited. A better question to ask would be “would this team be effective?” since your team allows for A LOT of options on the character select screen. It makes it quite difficult for someone to pinpoint who would synergize the most.