Help with 3S

Hello, First of all I guess I can introduce myself here too, just to kill two birds with one stone.

My name is TJ and I have been a very big video game user ever since I was about 5 years old. We had the NES when I was 5 and I played my heart out on it, when I turned 6 I took the NES apart and fixed it since it was having a lot of trouble reading cartridges. Ever since then I have been very in to video games and am currently getting ready to go to college and major in Psychology and Computer Science with a minor in Graphic design. It is my hope and my personal goal to apply all three of those traits in to one and become the best video game designer that I allow myself to be.

I picked up a copy of Street Fighter - Anniversary Collection at my local Gamestop about a week after I posted a video of Diago (Spelling?) on the popular website Digg.

I remembered in the old days of my childhood (It’s scary that I can start saying that now.) that I loved playing Street Fighter on my SNES. Soon after buying it for my Xbox I found out that my passion for the game has been hiding in me for a very long time. 2 Months later and surely over $300 wasted in food, drinks, and more controllers my friend and I still can not stop playing the game. The place that I recently moved in to now is getting a 52 Inch screen TV and one of my roommates already loves the game to death… I’m sure we will have a local tournament.

BUT, With that part of the story over, I must ask now. In this huge time period I have figured out a few things that I had really liked to do with characters (My 3 best controllable characters are Ken, Ryu, and Akuma). I have been surfing the internet and been looking at more videos just very recently and noticed so many things that I have never seen before. Oro casting a huge what looks to be star at players, Akuma smacking the ground and it erupts in flames… Supers I have never seen before… Colors I have never seen before. The whole time my friends and I are versus’ing and I have never seen anything like what I have seen on the Videos, Even when going in to Arcade mode with the hardest (Full stars for difficulty level) and I still don’t see anything like what is shown in the videos.

What I would like to know is what would be some good tutorials (I’m more of a visual learner then Reading learner) that I could see for Akuma, Ken, and Ryu? I always see these videos of them pulling off ridiculous things but never does one video that I see actually show me how to do that, or if it try’s to show me it’s always in Japanese.

I would really like to learn as much as possible so I hope everyone throws in their own 2 cents. Anything and everything is welcome because with learning there is always another way to do something.


hmm… you should just read first, I’m sure everything you want to know are in these threads somewhere. IDK about needing a video tutorial to show you how to do ddd+ppp (akuma’s slamming the ground and fire erupting thing ^^). Akuma would be the only character out of those shotos (ken, ryu, and akuma) that has “hidden tactics”, if you will. Its all in the akuma thread.
Basic Akuma Thread
So you posted a video of diago? Then you generally know what “high level play” looks like, and generally what to do and what not to do (with ken at least, which is the best out of the shotos).
I really don’t know what to tell you… I think you need to be more specific in asking questions, probably in the character specific threads, if you want clear cut answers.

But for the questions you asked so far, here…
Oro casting a huge what looks to be star at players

I can only imagine you are talking about SAII (Yagyou dama), and if you have max stock, you can execute the super using all the punches (maybe 2 works too? Idk, I just use all 3), and you get the giant ball thingy…

Akuma smacking the ground and it erupts in flames.
Assuming you are using SAI, its DDD+PPP when you have maxed out bar.

Colors I have never seen before
Hold start when you’ve highlighted the character, then press any of the three punches or kicks to get a hidden costume. You must have beaten the game with a character to use any of his/her hidden costumes. To use the secret costume and press LP, MP, and MK. (beating the game with the character is not required for this costume

its the only better than decent ryu tutorial i’ve ever seen thats not in japanese

hopefully I’ll be getting around to making a general 3s tutorial, as well as a beginner guide to many characters within the next few months, so you can look out for that :cool:

look up kao megura’s faq on