Help with a birthday cake picture

Hey. My gf birthday is coming up and I need to get her an awesome cake. I wanna use this picture and I’d like for someone to cut off that white part at the top and on the moon part of the picture I’d like for it to say “Happy Birthday Tiffany”. I don’t care what size and font you guys use, just make it aesthetically pleasing.

Keep in mind that it’s gonna be stretched to fit the page so I don’t know if there’s a way to compensate for that.

PS: If someone wants to do something similar with a different Sailor Moon pic, that’s cool too. You can have it say “Happy Birthday Tiffany” or something cheesy like “On behalf of the moon…I wish a Happy Birthday to you!” Whichever you think would go best. I need this done in a week and a half at the most.

So…I guess nobody cares…awesome

I’ll do it when I get home if you want. It’ll be like 12 hours from now.

I’ll give it a shot.


Quick 2 Min Job. Something like this???

Welcoming all attempts. Take your time, I just wanted to know someone was doing it.:woot:

Was that ok?

that was kinda how i was gonna do it. i think you should use a picture with a higher resolution.

I’ll look for a higher quality picture then.

The drawing is by musicalluna@DeviantArt… blurred out the credits for the sake of the cake, thought I should cite the artist.

Wow this looks good. I think im going to have to step my game up a bit. I’ll take another shot when i get home tonight.

Looks pretty sweet guys.:lovin:

Edit: I’m satisfied w/ the second pic. If you guys can think of something better, feel free tho. If there’s nothing else submitted by the time the weekend’s over, I’ll just stick with the one that says happy birthday tiffany.

Cake was a big success. Thanks. :wonder:

Got a pic of the cake?

It was a success or its still on debate? The :wonder: icon makes me think otherwise…


It was good. I just used that icon b/c I was exhausted when I posted. I’ll post a pic of the cake tomorrow.

Sweet, been curious how it ended up looking

Hey, that looks pretty cool. Way to go everybody! [cheers for you all as well as own self yet I had NOTHING to do with this]. :party:

But seriously, it looks like it came out good. :tup:

The cake looks really good :wgrin:

jk, it looks good… was it ice cream cake?