Help with a couple of techniques


If anyone can give me some pointers/tips on the following, I would be grateful.
Alrighty, so… I’m struggling with:

Street Fighter IV: Shoryuken - Can’t get the “Z” thing down… at all… I keep doing Hadokens :frowning:

Melty Blood:AACC: Can’t seem to air combo at all… EVER. Any tips on air combos?
The part I struggle with is chaining the hit into the air, with the follow up jump to continue the beating.
As soon as they’re in the air… I can’t seem to do anything except jump 5 seconds afterward.

Arcana Heart 3: Same as MB. Can’t air combo.

Can’t Air combo. Need help.
Can’t Shoryuken, can’t do the “Z” thing right.
Help please? :slight_smile:


For the DP motion, ride the gate in your stick a little bit. Assuming you’ve got a stick with a square gate (You’re on your own if you’re using a pad, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: ) you just need to sortof make sure you jam the stick into ‘downforward’ at the end, as if you were trying to block downback while facing the other way.

For air combos, usually you can hold up-forward during the last hit of the grounded part to do the jump more or less automatically, and then continue tapping buttons from there.


DP? :stuck_out_tongue:


DP = Dragon Punch = Shoryuken.

Just like Fireballs = Hadouken.

You’ll hear those terms used quite a bit,so remember them. lol

On a pad I used to just kinda use my thumb to press forward then kinda right against the down and forward directions. If you’re using the analog stick it’s just as simple as pressing forward then immediately moving the stick down and then doing a hadouken motion. Remember to just go down and not all the way back or it’ll just cancel out your forward input.


“z” is forward, down, then forward.
or use the shortcut down-forward, down-forward


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