Help with a custom wood case

Basically, I have decided I wanted to build a custom stick (we all know we get bitten by this bug eventually). I looked every where to find a custom case that I liked, but never found any I was fond of and matched what I wanted.

Well, as it turns out, my girlfriends father is kind of a master woodworker (builds furniture, cabinets and a bunch of other custom things). I don’t know why it took me so long to ask him to help me (3.5 years), but he said he is down for it and will do it for the cost of materials. So, now I am working on the design, but have some questions about the actual structure of the case itself. Hoping someone can help.

I’ve look through quite a few pictures on the post your arcade stick thread and saw a couple woods I liked, but when it comes to the mounting of the stick and buttons I am a little lost. I’ve not been about to find any sort of dimensions for the top plate. As in the thickness of the wood the stick/buttons are mounted to. I can not find a diy of this, so I am at a loss. Also not sure of what wood to use for the inner mounting solution. Will MDF work or should I try for something like poplar?

I know I will be putting a plexi over it (I am going to use the same plexi size as the Madcatz VS (I like bigger bases), so to have it lay flush I am going to have to recess it a bit. Butt

Outside of that, am I missing any components I will need for this?

  • Case
  • Plexi (top and bottom)
  • PS360+ (if I can find one)
  • All wires/QD needed for this
  • Neutrik RJ-45 / rj45 to USB cable
  • 11 sanwa screw in buttons (Does it have to be screw in?)

If for any reason I can’t find a ps360+, which it looks like I can’t, what would my other options be? I imagine I could just gut a TE I have sitting around and put a cerberus on it. However, that may be a little annoying no? I definitely want this to work on a 360, ps3 and whatever else I can get it to.

I’m really sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I wasn’t able to find these answers quickly.

Thanks for the links. I have looked through a lot of them, but I am still not able to find the dimensions (thickness) for the control panel :frowning:

If you read those licks you find the following on Slag Coin

The site gave you the tolerances and thickness Sanwa parts can work with.

Now if you read more of Slag coin they recommend you layer your Control Panel.

The Layering would be like this

Plexy Glass/ Acrylic
Insert Art, colored paper or other printed pattern.
First MDF Layer (or sheet metal) with holes for Push buttons and large square opening for the Joystick
Re-enforced Layer (MDF, Plywood, ect), where the Joystick mounts to, and routed out/ cut out area for access to push button Assembly

Photo graphed samples on how these layers look like in WOOD

Now Read the site I gave you to read up on, the answers are there.
Whats no on Slag Coin would be in the Wood Worker’s thread

Crap. I have no idea how I missed that. Sorry for the useless post :]