Help with a dual wireless stick project

I remember reading that trying to go “wireless + multiple PCB” or “wireless + LED” wasn’t easy/recommended. You’d face two PCBs always eating at the batteries life and probably some other problems.

Now what I set out to do is just that.
a custom stick that is:

  1. Wireless
  2. Has two wireless PCBs
  3. If possible, uses the LED mod

I’ve searched a bit and found the thread, but am afraid it’s a bit too advanced of a solution for me and also, my goal is the stick to wireless but not give up on the compatibility with PS2.

For this, I’ve ordered a Logitech Cordless Precision Playstation 2 pad which will arrive soon.

My plan was to use the internals of a manual db25 switch to toggle between an X360 wireless PCB and the hacked Logitech PS2 wireless PCB.

That way, I’d avoid possible issues with two wireless boards connected like in regular dual PCB project.

Still, this lead me to new questions:

  1. I plan to use a Play & Charge kit to power and recharge the X360 pad. Since the Logitech PS2 wireless uses two AA batteries, which is the same as an X360 wireless pad would otherwise use, would it be possible to use the X360 P&C to power the Logitech PCB? Does the X360 P&C battery pack behave as a regular set of two batteries and is therefore usable in other projects that work on two AA batteries, or is there some difference in structure/functioning?

My idea was to simply route the contacts of the P&C battery trough the db25 switch as well, so it can power the X360 padhack when it’s connected to the buttons/stick and, when I toggle to PS2, the same P&C pack would power the Logitech PS2 padhack.

Having just one battery pack to care about and keep charged would be far better than having to worry about the PS2 Logitech batteries in addition to the X360 P&C.

  1. Provided I could use the X360 P&C pack for the PS2, what would be the pinout of the battery pack? Which one of the four prongs that connect the battery to the X360 wireless PCB does what? Which ones would I have to connect to the PS2 Logitech + and - to make it work?

  2. Second related question. If it works with te PS2 Logitech PCB, would there be a way to retain the “recharge while using it” function of the P&C kit also while it’s being used with the PS2? I’m afraid that this could be complicated, seeing as how the P&C kit connects to the X360 PCB and not to the battery pack directly.

  3. If sharing the X360 P&C for both the padhacks ends up too complicated, I figure a two AA battery pack would be very easy and hassle free to implement instead. But then, slick charging would become an issue. What would I need to give it charge trough USB functionality? Could I still recreate the ability to use the batteries and charge them at the same time, like with a P&C kit?

  4. LED. After the two PCBs are working and powered properly, I figure adding a LED mod to the result should be no more difficult than adding it to a regular single PCB/wired padhacks, thanks to the db25 switch. However, would just using 6 leds for the main buttons have an impact too critical on the battery life? If to say, the pad specs claim 50 hours of gameplay with a set of batteries, would the LEDs consume it in, like, 10 hours or even less? If I got the playing&charging thing solved, then about 5-10 hours would seem a compromise I’d still accept, but less than that could prove a functionality issue. Still, if worst comes to worst, a simple switch to interrupt the VCC -> inverter line would be enough to shut down the LED mod and prevent it from draining batteries, right?

  5. Obviously, assuming the Logitech PS2 is common ground, if there’s an easier way of connecting two wireless PCB’s to form a dual PCB system like with wired counterparts, it’d be even better. And I could just ditch the db25 altogether and maybe it would even solve the P&C doubts. Any inputs on this?

I have a lot of single and dual PCB padhack jobs behind me but still feel the project is ambitious for my limited understanding of batteries, so I’ll be extremely grateful for whatever help I get. :china: