Help with A-Groove Akuma

I’m a relatively new A-Groover. I’ve almost stopped playing N and K completely to learn A (for whatever dumb reason). Anyway, I need a simple Akuma CC. I can’t do many CCs at all so if he’s outta my league just tell me.

I mostly screw up the CCs I know at the worst possible times (I use any combination of A Eagle/Sakura/Iori/Yun/Mai/Ryu/Bison typically). On top of that I fuck up and activate at the wrong time and get hit out of them time and time again. So any added help with A-Groove in general is also appreciated.

c’mon man…somebody plays with A-Groove Akuma around here for custom combos… Akuma is there too.

Maybe try some of the beginner customs (Benimaru, Maki, Haohmaru, Nakoruru, etc…) to get a feel for the combo system before you start with Akuma who is a bit more difficult, but not out of anyone’s league. Just practice :smiley:

i actually have a question… to take ppl into the corner with Akuma from like half screen or so, you do short hurrican kick, activate, s.fierce, demon flip cancel that into spin kick, red fireball and repeat till in the corner … but i can never connect the demon flip… whenever i do the flip im always too far behind and the kick wont hit… any advice ?

The one most Akuma users do is:

c.LK, c.LK, Short Hurricane Kick x2, activate -> s.Fierce, RH Demon Flip -> Kick xx Hurricane Kick, land, [Fierce Red FB, RH Demon Flip -> Kick xx Hurricane Kick], when you get near enough to the corner -> [Fierce Red FB -> s.Strong] xN xx Fireball Super

You can do this custom from: Hurricane Kick, Demon Flip Grabs, and regular Jab DP anti air capabilities. Study the Namonaki video if you want a general idea on what it looks like.

yea… thats what i’ve been trying… xept im only doing one hurrican kick… i’ll try it with 2, ur op does seem to be lower on the second one…

its fierce hurricane after the demon flip.

an easy akuma combo is to get the huriccane kick in the corner active jab a couple times while moving back and do the 3 hit fireball

Stuc2k — I dont know why everyone is trying to make you do the more “difficult” Akuma combo, but try this…

After a 2-hit Short Hurricane kick -> Activate CC, [s.fierce, forward Hurricane kick] x till corner, s.jab, [HCB+FP x s.strong] x meters almost out, HCB-HCB+P :cool:

Exactly. You don’t need to do the demon flips at all. Any CC that ends in red fireballs is a good one.

i’ve got a question…

from midscreen or further away from the corner, is there another method to take them to the corner after 1 set of the demon-flip xx hurricane kick (land) red fireball? because once you’ve done the red fireball, that takes the damage scaling down to 100 points per hit, and at that point you want to get in the corner as quickly as possible to get those red fireballs.


I never tried using the red fb inbetween demon flips, I find close standing fierce does the trick, I’ll try the red fb there as well, but to me it sounds like less hits at THAT stage in the custom is a good thing.

BTW if you’re in corner already when you activate, do jump RH x4 instead of demon flips and use s.jab inbetween the red fbs instead of s.strong.


Akuma’s custom itself won’t push past 8000 unless you’re close to the corner when you start it or you do one of the better starters. You might as well add the Red FBs for hit count damage since the actual custom itself doesn’t do that much.


I don’t use A-Groove Akuma, but I see people somehow get them into the corner then they do his HCB+FP over and over, I think it’s FP anyways… anyhow, Akuma is worth learning in A-Groove. He has one of the most damaging customs in the game…


nope, he has nowhere near the most damaging custom in the game. bison, sakura, chang, and todo have the most damaging customs.

but here’s my question…

once i take them to the corner doing jumping hk x 3, short air hurricane kick, then i land. is there something i can do to get them on the right level for the fireballs and to back me away from the corner?


Re: Umm…

Well, any character with the capablility of going over 10,000 I would group as “one of the most damaging” in the game.


S.jab and walk back.

Re: Re: Umm…

*Originally posted by Gunter *

Well, any character with the capablility of going over 10,000 I would group as “one of the most damaging” in the game.

yea, but most of those setups are corner only with jumping in fierce punches or double fireball setups that only a dizzied character could get hit by, or a complete idiot.

and i’m talking about B&B customs, not elaborate pre-setups and all that jazz. shit, bison can get 12000-14000, but those setups limited in a real match.

i know this sounds newbish but ive been tryin this combo out just wondering if when you do the demon flip, do you do the grap or just the kick in the air or ground? sorry to bother if anyone feels offended.

just the kick, then hurricane kick, red fire ball, demon flip, repeat, but use punch into hurricane kick after demon flip because if u use kick instead of punch, it will only hit 3 times, then on the 4th demon flip, the kick will miss.