Help with A-groove Rolento

i got his combo to get the eenemy into the corner using his Scouter Jump

but then what? wut can i continue it with and how can i combo it into his Mine Sweeper

a video of this would help a lot

LOL i need help with the same thing but the diffrence with me is that i dont know the beggining either:eek: :smiley:

well, heres the way i do it

c. roundhouse, standing fierce, scouter jump Feirce, Standing Fierce, scouter jump Fierce, and then you and your opponent r in the corner

c.fierce x4,c.roundhouse,s.roundhouse xx scouter jump fiercex2(after second rep end with fierce lp instead of jus fierce) sj mp lp xN land c.fierce super

bah! i can get all of it except for the c. feirce into super, and wuts xN mean, maybe it means something that i need to do whcih i havnt


I have the combo down pretty good, i just can’t get the Mine Sweeper in it, i’m constantly trying but still couldn’t get it…:frowning:

the rolento video doesnt work

basic A combo: low foward, low fierce (3-4x), low roundhouse
standing fierce, scouter jump fierce, standing
fierce, scouter jump fierce (opponent should be
in the corner by now) then while in the air do
medium punch, then a jab, until meter is done…

                     to finish:  after the jab when your about to land
                     start the motion for the minesweeper (cancel this 
                     super after the jab as fast as you can)

                     another way is after the jab do a standing fierce
                     and cancel  it quickly into minesweeper.

HEY Gunter i can’t download the bison video it seems to not work at all it says error …but i can download the rest of them…i was gong to ask you yesterday when i saw you at MGL but i forgot.

Rolento doesnt work, nor does the other ones except for a few

i thought this was finaly it, a list of A grovve vids :frowning:

I’ve uploaded all the videos in the series (except for the Bison special) to my online briefcase. Get them here.

ur online breifcase? mind telling where that is exactly :stuck_out_tongue:


sry :frowning:

i read that i though it said “get them there” not here

so i got confused :confused:

here’s the custom i do…

anywhere: activate, c. FP x3, c. RK, s. RK, KKK, FP, s. RK, KKK, FP, [j. SP, j. JP] x2, s. FP, mine sweeper

anywhere: activate, c. FP x4, c. RK, s. RK, KKK, FP, s. RK, KKK, FP, j. SP, j. jp, s. FP, FK knife, mine sweeper

here’s the one i use most, I use it more in a counter situation where the opponent whiff’s a c. RK or a shoryuken or a hurrican kick or throws a hadouken too close and a lot of stuff…

activate, c. RK, s. RK, KKK, FP, s. RK, KKK, FP, s. RK x2, s. jp (whiff), j. SP, j. jp, s. FP, FK knife, mine sweeper

Edit: here’s a stylish, standing only custom. It only works if the opponent is standing and is fairly hard to do, so i only attempt it when i dizzy the opponent…

activate, c. FP x3, s. FP xx KKK, SP x2, c. FK, c. SP, s. FP xx KKK, SP x2, c. FK, FP Patriot Circles, s. JP, s. FP, minesweeper

it’s hard to do, but it’s the most damaging of all the customs i listed and is waaaaay stylish :cool:

This combo works well for me. Coincidentally, it’s also the one posted on namonaki’s Rolento CCs page.

c.fierce x4, c.roundhouse, [s.roundhouse, Scouter Jump, j.fierce], [s.roundhouse, Scouter Jump. j.fierce, j.jab], [j.strong, j.jab], s.fierce x2, minesweeper

The hardest part of this combo for me is going from the second s.fierce into the minesweeper. You have to cancel it as soon as humanly possible; the opponent should still be going up. If they’re already falling, you’re too slow.

I use 2 s.fierces because it knocks them higher and adds another 100 damage.

And the Rolento vid from the briefcase works, if it doesn’t for you, you either have codec problems or the download didn’t actually finish (this happened to me a couple times). Make sure the dl is the right size; if it’s smaller than the briefcase says it should be, delete it and start the dl over again.

Or you could do it the easy way, get Direct Connect and go to the GoForBroke hub, where you can find all of the namonaki vids.

Sorry about the webspace issues Gunter. Apparently my file server was knocked off. I’m going to try to restore it in the upcoming days.


hehe… Gunter’s crazy.

The combo that SiberianDragoon posted is the one i always use when the opponent is close… except against sagat where the c. FP will whiff u activate through his c. FP… to fix just add a c. FK at the beginning. Another combo i do is when u are to far to get 3/4 c. FP…
Activate c. RK, s. RK, scouter Jump, FP, s. RK, scouter jump, FP, s. RK x2, s. jp (whiff), [j. SP x2, j. JP], s. FP x2, minesweeper

P.S. here’s a flashy combo…
only standing characters…
activate c. FP x3, s. FP, [scouter jump, SP x2], c. FK, c. SP, s. FP, [scouter jump, SP x2], c. FK, Patriot Circles, s. JP, s. FP, minesweeper
The hardest part is the patriot circles lol:bluu:

I just thought I’d throw in my two cents. I always start my Rolento CC with cr. mk. Alot of times, a guy will stand and a cr. fp will be blocked. Also, whenever you try to activate in order to blow past someone’s jumpkick and hit them while they recover from landing, a low hit like cr. mk will always be guaranteed and will glue them to the ground. Since its range is quite good and its somewhat meaty, I find its the best way to start off his CC’s.

I also have a big problem doing his minesweeper off a fp or cr. fp. Many times, I’ll try to cancel into the minesweeper and I’ll either roll backwards from the outset, cancel into the backwards roll instead of a minesweeper or just be late with my timing. The easiest way I’ve found to get the minesweeper is to cancel it from a jumping light kick. If you’re familiar with namonaki’s combo exhibition videos, you can see an example of it during the second to last combo before the end.

I do it differently and more easily by jumping and pressing lp in the corner. After I’m ready, I’ll land and then jump lp once on the way up or at the peak, and on the way down hit the lk and cancel into the minesweeper. Since the lk hits upwards, there’s a huge window in which you can time the hit. Since you’re in the air, any somewhat flubbed commands will translate better. You’ll never have to worry about rolling backwards by accident again!

Only an ounce of practice is needed to figure the timing, which is why I liked it and stick with it today. :slight_smile: