Help With A Mad Catz TES+ PS3/PS4 Fight Stick

Hello guys!! I need some help from my fightstick guys who knows there insides and outs. So, I recently got a Street Fighter V Mad Catz TES Plus Fightstick​ from a co-worker who said he didn’t feel like fixing it. I’ve done some checks on everything and have concluded that the buttons work and everything is okay, except for the PCB. He bought it used and said he could never get it working. I’ve already checked wires and everything, so my last bet is that someone fucked up the PCB haha. So, I love the fightstick to pieces and all of the functionality that it comes with, however when I’m looking for new a pcb, I seem to find ones that don’t come with all the functionality that the original fightstick’s had included, and I mean like the ability to switch between ls, dp, and rs or some of the other minor things. So, I’m trying to find a pcb that will come with as much of the functionality that the stick came with. Does anyone have any recommendations? And, if I can’t find a good PCB that includes that, what would you guys recommend that won’t be as difficult to connect. I’m fairly new to this stuff, but I’ll do what I have to do to get this baby up and running.

We already have a main thread to ask questions in. Please make use of it.

The closest thing is probably a Brook PS4 Fightboard+ (the one with audio support), though a Universal Fight Board would likely be an easier install thanks to @“Jasen Hicks”’ EZ Mod kits for only slightly less functionality than the Fight Board+. Not sure if the EZ Mod can accommodate a Fight Board+.

The TES+ EZ MOD that I will release this fall will work with the UFB only out of the box. It can be made to work with the PS4+ board if you want to mess around with re working the wires.

Unfortunately, Brook let a lot of folks down by straying to the form factor they did with the PS4+ board because it now makes everything designed around the UFB locked to the UFB and makes it more less “novice friendly”. While it adds some neat things like analog stick support, few people actually use or care for it.

Correct, and the people who fucked it up were MadCatz.

So, I’m ordering the IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCB Kit just because I know it will be easier for someone like me who has no idea what they’re doing haha. My only concern is when it comes to the home button, the leds for the players, and all the buttons that are connected to a chip that connects to the current pcb. How will I or how can I connect those to the new pcb?

Your easiest bet would be to bypass the existing pcb altogether and connect home to the share button. You will need to swap them or otherwise jump ground when you need to do a firmware update though (IIRC, you hold share while plugging into a PC to update). You will also need to either splice into the old USB cable, install a neutrik pass through, or otherwise route a new USB cable through somehow.

Adding a small button somewhere for home would also be an option, though most suitable in size require you to solder.