Help with a Net City cab I think I want to buy


It’s not my first choice, but there is a working18 Wheeler trucker in a stand up Net City at a great price for local pick up only on eBay. I can’t tell from the pics, but would a new CP be just a drop in solution? I’d love to get this and turn it into a Naomi fighting cab.


Yes. Almost all of Sega’s cabs (Astro, Blast, Net, New Net, New Astro, Naomi) all can use the same CPs.


Damn. Time to start selling even more stuff.


Actually I am pretty sure the 18 wheeler has a specific molding for the cp and a standard sega CP will not fit.

If it looks like this, I believe it won’t work.

Also there are gears on the inside to provide force feedback for the wheel and just some odds and ends that are different. Other differences include the sub which is has a separate audio amp.

If you want to convert it into a fighting cab, it will be a lot of work.


I was in the same exact situation. I bought a Jambo Safari naomi universal cab because it was super cheap and I wanted to convert it into a fighting cab. Took me about 3 months before I found the cp enclosure for the sega panels. These things are very hard to find. After importing it, my cab cost me about 450 which is awesome deal. It was a bitch waiting for everything to come together though. Just looking at a cab I couldn’t play was torture.


If I keep it a driving cab for Crazy Taxi and Out Run 2, should be an easy conversion? I might do it anyway and convert to fighting–the buy it now price is $385.


385 is still a really good price for that cab. It should come with a Naomi motherboard. Get a net dimm and you can play any driving game from your laptop/ raspberry pi / cf card reader.

Changing it to fighting cab is going to cost you quite a bit of money and time. You need a enclosure, panel, sticks, buttons, and looms. I still think its worth it because I had a lot of fun learning and putting it together. Good luck!