Help with a p360

Well thanks for your time, and help on the subject. What I’m trying to do is make a joystick from a ps1 dualshock joypad. I got two p360’s, they do not say the name of the brand. But one of them has a square in the back, and the other one has a circle. But with both of them I have the same problem. On the first time I tried to set it up with the 3.3v wires from the pcb. As soon as I soldered the wires for the positive, negative, up, down, left, and right I tried to test the p360. For the positive I used the positive feed to the vibrator motors since I noticed it had a positive signal all the time, and for the negative I used the ground signal of the pcb to the direction contacts. I thought that would be a good idea, but it didn’t work.

So I thought I should get a 5.0v feed from a usb port. I managed to get only the usb plugs, I did a test to make sure which is the positive, and which is the negative on the usb plug, and connected it to the p360. Now this is the part where it starts to get confusing to me. By curiosity I tested if the up, down, left, and right connectors on the p360 to see if they had any voltage. I put the red wire of the tester on the +5.0v feed of the usb, and the black on the direction connectors one at a time. Nothing happened, I move the joystick and see a connector getting a -5.0v (tester indicating 5.0v). Now I put the black wire of the tester on the -5.0v feed of the usb, and the red wire one at a time on the direction connectors and indicated that each connector had a +5.0v feed. So now I am thinking if I connect this to the pcb I will fry it. I had a broken transformer, and from there I take one element (I think you call it a restrictor iode). What it does is restrict the direction in which a positive signal goes though, and I solder it to a quick connect plug so the positive signal won’t go to the pcb.

Now I have another regular joystick for my DC. I turn on my DC, put a game in, connect this other joystick and open it up. I get a wire, peel off the two ends of the wire, and use it as a tester. I tie one end to the restrictor iode so the positive signal won’t come out, and the quick plug to any connector of the p360. The other end first I brush it on any contact that sends a signal on the other joystick, check in the game if it did anything and nothing happened. Now I tie this end to this contact, and move the p360 around hoping that the negative signal will make it work. But nothing happens :annoy: Now frustrated with this I take away the restrictor iode, and try again. Same results.

Now I’m a very curious person, and I put the red wire of the tester back on the +5.0v, and the black one on the common ground of my regular joystick. The tester indicates -3.2v, like if I had mixed the wires of the tester. This making the +5.0v of the usb a negative, and the commong ground of the regular joystick a positive. Now again because I didnt understand this I put the black wire of the tester on the -5.0v of the usb, and the red wire back on the common ground of the regular joystick. Well I think you guessed it, the tester said -3.2v again, this making the negative of the usb plug into a positive, and the common ground of the regular joystick a negative. Now all this got me confused, and the worst part is that I can’t make it to work anyways :looney:

So anybody could help me on this?? Are my p360’s messed up?? I hope not. All the help i can get would be welcome. Again thanks a lot for reading all this confusing text :sweat:

Excuse me guys, I don’t want to wast your time. But I can’t get to solve my problem :looney: Or does anybody have any tecnical information about the stick?? I mean if I could get some tecnical information, I would test the board with a tester and try to fix it. I knew installing a p360 was a bit complicated, but not this much. I could understand if I had one p360 broken, but the 2 of them?? I would have really bad luck.

Thanks for your attention.


I’m not sure if the motors use 3.3v. Try using the 3.3v line coming from the cable.