Help With A Video Series?

I’m just trying to create an archive of the entire cast’s basic BnBs. First one I’m doing is Makoto since she’s my main, to a degree.The combos I have listed so far are:

[]cr.LP, st.LP, st.MP, Hayate
]cr.LP, st.LP, cr.LK, Hayate
[]Tsugiri, st.HP/cr.MP, Hayate
]Kusa, st.HP, EX Oroshi
[]cr.LP, st.LP, st.MP, EX Oroshi
]L/M Oroshi, cr.LK, L Hayate
[]Focus Attack, Fukiage, EX Fukiage, SJC, EX Tsugiri
]Focus Attack, Fukiage, EX Fukiage, EX Hayate
[]Focus Attack, Fukiage, SJC MK Tsugiri, EX Hayate
]st.HP, H Hayate, Super, Ultra 1
[*]MK Tsugiri, Ultra 1
Still need stuff for Ultra 2, and maybe some other stuff with Fukiage. Not getting into Hayate cancel combos. Any feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:


you don’t need to spend meter in the second fukiage after a level 2 focus.

My U2 BNB is Ultra 2 - Jump Cancel - MK Axe Kick - EX Hayate. It gets them into the corner, decent damage and is hard to fuck up.

st.MP - st.MP - Hayate / EX Oroshi should be in the list too. Good plinking practise.

if you cancel a mp you will never combo. Only a stand hp gives you more frames when canceled.
Other hc are used to get a position advantage.

I’m pretty sure you can link two on the whole cast? I know on chunky characters, like Honda, you can get up to three.

Sorry, my mistake, i thought you said stand MP hayate cancel. My bad :x

st.MP, st.MP, Hayate/EX Oroshi
U2, Jump Cancel, MK Tsugiri, EX Hayate

For the Focus, Fuki, Fuki, which Fukis do you use? I just end up using EX Fukiage since I usually have meter to spare. Gonna go scour the combo thread for other U2 combos that are basic enough for general people to pick up.

When it’s done, I’ll preview it here so I get approval from the real experts of the character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends how you time the fukiage. They have to drop to their knees to be considered airborne. I typically use Fierce > Strong Fukiage.

Add In: Fierce Punch > Hayate Cancel > St. MP > St. MP > Ex Oroshi/OS Dash/Mp Hayate etc.

IMO you should seperate hit confims/BnBs and basic punish combos.

10 years later after getting bodied by school, I’m back. Anything missing for this section so far? I don’t want to put out a video that a good amount of the community for that character doesn’t agree on. :slight_smile:

It’s unlisted, by the way.

Truthfully there is a lot missing. The thing is, shes an advanced character and a lot of what she does isn’t basic. If you net a focus attack, you should never go for the combos you have listed unless it kills them. Most of the useful combos lead into frame traps or mixup. Example:

Your Combo:
•Focus Attack, Fukiage, SJC MK Tsugiri, EX Hayate
Notes: Your combo leads into a techable knockdown for more damage and the loss of 1 bar.

My Combo:
**•Focus Attack > HP Fukiage > j. HP **(As low to the ground as you can as you both fall) This leads into:

            •cr. lp > st. lp > st. lk > FP Karakusa (Timed Frame Trap)
              cr. lp > st. lp > cr. lk > EX Hayate (You should be able to hit confirm by the st.lp)
              cr. lp > st. lp >-Unsafe- st. HP > Hayate Cancel > Karakusa/st. MP/EX Oroshi
            •Dash Under > Karakusa
              Dash Under > st. MP > st. MP > Mp Hayate/EX Hayate/EX Oroshi
              Dash Under > OS Sweep
              Dash Under > Nothing (Yeah, it's important)

Dash Under > Tsurugi (Risky)
•Double Dash Under > IA Tsurugi or c.MP/c.HP (Counters Reversals/Mashing)
Double Dash Under > Kara-Karakusa > Any Combo
Double Dash Under > Kara-Oroshi
•Karakusa > Combo
•st.HK (Meaty) > st. FP > FP Hayate/EX Hayate > Same mixup
•Neutral Jump > HK Tsurugi
(Note: With the correct timing will cause every reversal in the game to whiff for a punish)

Notes: Meterless and leads into virtually every piece of mixup or tech Makoto has from anywhere on the screen

P.S. This is just off the top of my head. Theres a lot I didn’t list but I’m at work multitasking :\

No dash under tsurugi ?

If you only rely on one combo after a confirmed focus attack, you make yourself more readable. Sometimes you want to take your time, but get a good position (aka opponenet in the corner), sometimes you don’t want your opponent to escape and have any time to think about what’s next.
Fuki hp, tsurugi mk, Ex hayate option is good to corner the opponent, and you get a KD. Your option with jump HP is fun, but leads to a fast reset. If you dash under, you dont corner your opponent. In the corner, your tsurugis hitting a airborn opponent can be fukiaged to tsurugi ex (that hurts). In the corner, you have less pushback and you can apply new mixups like fake crossups or body hop to karakusa.

What does mean : “Dash Under > OS Sweep” ? Is it Dash under, sMP, OS Sweep ?
Another thing, you cant fLK after fuki hp, tsurugi mk, Ex hayate. The Ex hayate needs to hit a grounded opponent to have juggle opportunities after.

If I sweep and empty jump forward everytime, however each time there are 6 different options what I do out of it its not as readable as you’re claiming. Not to mention that combo opens the other player up to almost every type of mixup that Makoto has, good luck trying to predict it. It’s the perfect mixup IMO.

As far as Dash under Tsurugi goes, I’d rather double dash under Tsurugi because its less risky (Reversals lose to it).

Dash under > OS sweep. Yeah its after a meaty normal. I was rushing at work trying to type this stuff out.

You’re right about the juggle state. I should’ve just waited until I got home and had time to think. But that actually lends itself to my argument. Now it leads into nothing for a marginal damage increase (IMO). Worthless unless you kill them with it. Edited my original post.

This video was only for what the title was, Hitconfirms and Punishes. A lot of the mix ups and set ups would be in the next part. I don’t know what I’d call it yet, but I’m thinking “Strategy”. This would show the set ups for most situations. I also didn’t show anything with Focus Attacks in the video since a lot of her technical stuff begins with a focus attack.

If you have suggestions on if anything should be added, or removed, by all means, post it.

Just a breakdown of how I think I’m going to do the video: