Help with Air Tatsumaki




Found a Gouken FAQ on a different site, and saw this about the Air Tatsumaki

“Well you may input a motion that will start the air Tatsumaki Gorasen, and make it look like a ground Ryu Tatsumaki. But it’ll inflict more blocked damage than Ryu’s.
To do so: up, d, db, b really fast like you’d do a SRK. If you want to move
backwards: up backward, d, db, b.”

When this move is done right, how far off the ground are you suppose to be? Only been trying for a day, but can only clip Ryu/Ken’s head if I am fast enough.

Anyone know any tips?

Thanks in advance


I’ve been trying the reverse.

jump, and do the air tatsu just before touching the ground, so you hit them in the head with your spinning kick… if done well.
If it is not timed well, you can go over them, so they punish you… or the animation of the air tatsu starts, but gouken don’t spin and instead hit the ground… or sometimes the animation of the air tatsu starts but gouken touches the ground and he does a normal tatsu, who misses completely and leave you really open.

Since that happened to me, i stopped trying to do that, too risky and not reliable.


As the instructions have said: Do it fast. Ideally, do it in one smooth motion.

I tend to input the following:

uf <slight delay> -> d, db, b + k.

Its a little bit like performing Dhalsim’s instant air teleport.

The result is an air tatsu that moves horizontally just above the ground akin to the hurricane kicks in SF2. The added bonus against taller characters is the absolutely INSANE chip damage it does - in some instances it will inflict as much, if not MORE damage than a connected tatsu.

It is easily countered and beaten however.


jumping and attempting air tatsu before you land is very dangerous online!
the probability of getting a standard tatsu is too high considering latency, imo, and a standard tatsu = fa combo of choice for your opponent.
this is a lot easier to use against zangief and sagat.
normal air tatsu = 30 damage per block
ex air tatsu = 35 damage per block
you would be fortunate to get three blocked hits using hk or ex air tatsu.
you might want to save this trick to finish your opponent rather than busting it midgame.
the recovery when you land from air tatsu is terrible.

comparatively you can get 67 blocked damage from (demonflip dive kick > whatever xx fireball > xx palm) for no ex.
other blocked damage values for gouken:
palm = 30
ex palm = 45
fireball = 17, (30 for 2 hits)
demon flip dive kick = 20
standard tatsu = 17

gouken is a fantastic chipper.


Thanks Everyone for the reply. I’ll keep at it


Practice makes perfect, I’ve been trying it and now I can low air tatsu (about 1/4 screen of the ground) almost 80% of the time.

It looks cool and sometimes gets players off guard, I’ve been using it online to run away when I get cornerd hehe.


I don’t get how do you do that? if your in the corner you cant go backwards and if you go towards them they just block it. :confused:


If I need to chip kill someone, my preferred setup is

at 2/3+ screen with the opponent knocked down, charge up jab fireball and make them wake up into it, then ex demon flip kick, then crouching fierce xx fireball fadc crouching fierce xx jab rush punch

Yeah, it costs a bunch of meter, but it’s also totally safe on most opponents. If the opponent blocks the fireball, the whole rest of that mess is inescapable. If the opponent backdashes, he’ll get hit by the fireball. If the opponent does some reversal, almost everyone’s reversal will get hit by the ex demon flip or escape in such a way that the opponent can’t punish your flip.


I dunno, I think anyone with SRK-like moves can bust the crouching fierce. Plus, if they know that chip will kill them - they are going to be jacked up for reversal SRKs.


Just jump forward alittle and Roundhouse Tatsu out of there. People sometime don’t expect an instant low flying tatsu (they usually expect a [ex]demon flip) when you are cornered.

It might hit them on the back of the head or trade vs shotos. If it doesn’t hit, and they don’t know how to react to that, then you already got away, cuz it get’s you almost half screen away.

Remember, just to practice. It feels kinda awkward, but you’ll find situations where it helps.

I’ve done it vs Giefs when I’m cornerd and usually hit them with the low flying tatsu, and VS a tiger knee happy Sagat also when I’m cornered.


pugfaceKillah, can you post a link, or send my via pm where you read that?


I did it by accident once, and Gouken’s feet were only just off the floor :3