Help with Akishop PS360+ Installation

So I just bought an Akishop ps360+ for my Street Fighter IV Madcatz PS3 TE stick, but I didn’t realize that the interior for the ps3 was different than the 360. So the instructional video on Focus Attack isn’t useful because it doesn’t translate directly to ps3. The 360 version of the stick seems to have an extra circuitboard that the ps3 does not. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a tutorial or a video or something that would be useful in this situation. Help would be much appreciated.


Nevermind. Ignore me. I’m just retarded and didn’t watch the video all the way through. Thanks for your help guys!

I’m having the same problem. Has anyone got a clear wiring diagram for the PS3 stick? I am interested to know what each grey/red wire (coming from the buttons side) represents as the labels next to the white terminals are too well hidden on the PS3 version.

The wires are labeled on the underside of the Turbo Panel

Thanks Vicko, finally got it working! :slight_smile: