Help with akuma assist



I’m trying to change my anchor character to Akuma and his godlike assist, but I’m having a problem combing off of the assist with dante, does anyone know a good consistent combo?

Ive been dashing as soon as i call the assist and if it hits i air dash and hit S to bring them back to the ground and combo, the problem is it relies a lot on where akuma comes out at. Is there a better option?


You didn’t really have to make a new thread, the team building thread or combo thread would’ve sufficed. Anyway
The problem you’re having is caused by: Tatsu assist doesn’t give a proper knockdown, and j.S has quite a bit of startup. Combine these factors and it’s easy to miss your followup. You can wavedash on the ground, or dash, jump, air dash to follow the assist. I haven’t used Akuma in a while, and I don’t have my console right now to check it out, but these should work:
If you’re on the ground, do [M, H, S] then either [superjump, j.H or something, Killer Bee to bring them back down, blablabla] or [HH for Clay Pigeon, S for Prop Shredder, blablabla].
If you decide to airdash, you should be able to do [j.H, land, s.H, launch, blablabla]. [j.M, j.H, Killer Bee] might also work if you’re close enough/high enough.


dante might be able to combo off of his air throw with akuma’s tatsu assist sort of like his mission… 9 or something. the mission used ryu’s tatsu, but i don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same.


probably M,H, cold shower, prop, tk acid rain for some meter build