Help with Akuma

Playing Tekken 7 on PS4, have a decent rank with King for what it’s worth but watching Akuma fight looks so awesome.

I’ve been practicing for a couple hours the past few days and can link basic combos together, I’m struggling on those double flips cd4,3 timing but I’m sure that will come in due course.

However, I cannot, no matter how fast I execute it do a maximum hold Focus attack into raging demon. I do do it, but Akuma Just misses the opponent as they’re falling on the floor.

Doing a maximum hold focus attack then pressing f,f and then the inputs for the demon seems too short of a window.

ANY tips?

The timing has to be pretty fast after the dash in after the FA. You can kinda cheap your way out and use the 1 button rage art to make it easier. < I think that only works near the wall

I’ve tested and I found that the one or both of the jabs during the raging demon input has to connect during the FA crumple for it to combo. Disregard.

tried it out…window is kinda short so you have to do it pretty fast but it works. dont wait after the ff, do the demon direct after it like it would be one sequence.

edit: ouh got “ninjaed”…that happens when you open the reply prombt and try it then out :stuck_out_tongue:

no, non of the jabs should hit your opponents. you can do it with non of your buttons coming out when you do it fast enough.
shouldnt that even reset the situation so that your opponent could jump out of the demon? out of the game already so i cant test it out…

Yeah I found that out right after because I realized that the combo resets after jabbing the crumple.

I can’t link any of this combos involving demon flip. I have no idea why demon flip does not link. Anyone having the same issue with akuma?

I can link his combos in sfv but in tekken 7 it’s really suprising that his demon flip i have an issue linking with his combos.