Help with akumas df palm option selects

Hello all. I read these boards quite a bit since I’ve joined, and this knowledge pool is incredible. So I need to ask Could someone please explain the input timing for akumas os? I believe I understand what an OS is,but can’t rap my head around the execution part… it seems like a bunch of moves one after another, before your first move is finished… while holding back to block??? Please help me brothers.

There’s an Akuma board.

My bad man but i searched almost every Akuma thread known to man for this…thought this might have been the place…apologies

the last few pgs of the yun worst matchup thread are discussing OSes.

This is what I did to learn basic whiff-activated option selects:

  1. Go into training mode as Bison against Akuma.
  2. Set Akuma to Record.
  3. As Akuma, jump in, and do j.HK and immediately after (while your jumping roundhouse is hitting bison), do QCB+HK. Land and do whatever hit confirm combo.
  4. Set Akuma to playback.
  5. Pause, choose restart.
  6. When Akuma jumps in, teleport backwards. If he comes and hits you with a HK tatsu, you did it right. If not, try again.

This should get the concept across to you, and you can start trying other things with it. The basic idea is that there is a little freeze when you hit a character, and you put your option select in during that freeze, and then you pretend like it didn’t happen and do whatever after. But if they backdash, or teleport, or whatever to make your move whiff, that freeze never happens and your option select comes out. This is the most basic form (besides maybe crouch OS teching.)