Help with an Avatar

I was wondering if somebody can make me a Laker avatar. It can look simple, I don’t really care about fancy stuff. The image is near the 39 second mark of this link - [media=youtube]FCosVKXcmTE[/media].

If it can move to show Lamar, Ariza, Kobe, Walton, and Gasol’s reactions, that’d be great. If not, I really like the 39 second mark. I tried making my own avatar with paint, but I have a funky white boarder around the picture that I didn’t like.

If somebody can help, that’d be great! Thanks.

i hope i caught the right part. if i didn’t, i’ll fix it. :tup:

Thanks a lot! The second one was exactly the picture I had in mind. I’ll be rocking it for awhile.