Help with anti airing?

Can anyone help me with anti airing with an srk? Its really hard for me because my opponent doesnt jump in much ussually and when they do my mind is just trained to hold back. Recently ive been saying screw it im going to anti air them and i always get a instead of a medium srk :confused: this has been costing me matches, any help?

I was going to say that you should try using normals to antiair but if your main is Dan I don’t know if that’s good advice. I think you can also get srk out with f, qcf + p, but depending on your precision it might register as a super if you have the meter.

There’s no easy way out. You just need to practice the execution.

Don’t you have like that EX Rekka kick?

Yeah, Dan’s cr fierce isnt very good anti air. And yes that does happen at times and Dan’s super as an anti air is baaaad.
Thanks anyway.

EX Dankuu is not very good anti air, its not the best priority, and itll probably miss, if it does hit, all of the kicks may not hit, which is bad damage.

I have been trying to AA with chuns foward but i choke up or get beaten.

Getting over the mental block will help you immensely, but also work on your execution bro…

There’s like 10 different ways to get a shoryuken in SF4… shits EZ mode… the mental block of holding back will fuck you up bad…

If you see a jump in and you think your opponent will land before the AA hits, go for it anyway… surprisingly it’s generally timed correctly…and if its not, try it whenever you get the opportunity…

The less you think about something the better when it just comes to pure reaction imo…

practice up…

I swear Dan has trade U2, spam that lp dp son. If it hits anti air, follow up with U2 , if it trades follow up with U2 , you might get beaten a couple times if you don’t time it right, but training mode will rectify that problem.

I assume you’re playing Ryu, might want to mention it in future threads.

Anyways, When i poke and what not, i shove my stick to downforward, the benefit of this is that i can srk straight away, and then move it to back if they never jumped at all. If i’m going for AAs, i’ll constantly poke just to bait out that jump, though it’s not the best idea against decent players. The main idea is that, I’m in the ready position to SRK, and that’s what you need to be in as well. This is why walking back and forwards is good because you can shove it in forwards easily, as long as you aren’t being nancy and holding back as if you’re holding onto dear life.

Also, you have to be confident in your AA. When you see them jump, BLOCKING is your last instinct, you should block at the millisecond before you get hit. You should be thinking of getting in a good position to AA, so walking forward when a person jumps is important and it makes you ready to DP anyways being in the forward position(it will also help you punish bad jump ins altogether). Then just make sure you DP and stay crouched so you can do it as deep as possible. Playing different characters helps you to understand the many missing facets of “AAing” properly, because most need to space well, and time their AA attack right.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Im just going to have to hit up training some more i guess. It doesnt matter to me that I keep losing the matches (its just online/friendlies) because I really want to improve to a competitive level. Thanks again.