Help with arcade controls

I’m a noob to any tech stuff but i’m able to get a hold of an empty SFII cabinet…I want to put my original xbox & 360 in it…Is there a way to have a custom arcade controller that will allow me to use both systems? If someone can point me to the right direction or respond to this thread would be great…If there’s a place that i can just buy this would be even better…

Hiya… It will be a complete pain in the ass to do it (because the 360 pad uses a matrix setup rather than common ground), but Toodles says it’s possible. Ask him for help.

Like hell; call it a hunch but I dont think he knows enough to be able to do it on his own, and I’m a bit too busy for handholding.

Check for buy-able setups for putting an xbox in a cabinet. For 360, you’re shit outta luck for the moment.

Well it turns out the guy giving me the empty SFII cabinet change his mind…Going to buy one for $400 SFII CE complete…

Ok if i want to install my xbox what exactly would i need to buy? I’m confuse w/ i-pac, j-pac, 2pac stuff on that site…I just dont want to mess up on my order & forget a part or order a part i dont need…If someone can help me out you sir will be bless with good karma for life…

did you actually read the whole page and try to figure it out ?
two seconds into the page i found this

Yes i did, i just want to confirm that’s all…

I was looking at the site & i saw the following:
X-Box to Arcade Monitor/Speaker Adaptor…X-box to Jamma adaptor, etc…I wasn’t sure if needed these or not?

So is this all i need then?
X-Box Controls Adaptor
X-Box to J-PAC cable

Is there any other stuff that i might want to add, what if i want to add my dreamcast?