Help with arcade mode

hey there,

fairly new to fighters, played a little SFII back in my snes days but that’s it. I’m playing through arcade mode with Ryu and keep getting stuck on Abel and Sagat, any tips?

Any other help before i start going online and (likely) getting wrecked would be appreciated as well :slight_smile:

Practicing in arcade mode against the computer is bad practice. The computer has amazing reflexes but is otherwise stupid as hell.

Practice combos in training mode. Practice actual strategies against real people. When I was starting off, the way I got better was by finding some people to play against me and tell me what I was doing wrong.

ty for the reply, i’ll get looking for a combo list and hit network then

If you are just starting out then play arcade mode if you want. There is nothing wrong with practicing combos against the arcade CPU. I used to play TONS of arcade mode for SF2 and SF3 and I learned the entire basics that way. Once you get the hang of the basics in arcade mode then graduate onto real opponents either online or by attending some local gatherings.