Help With Assists!

Ok, so my team is Morrigan, She-Hulk, and Haggar. I already know about Haggar’s lariat assist but it doesn’t help get in on my opponent. I don’t want to have to change my team just for assists. I’m really good with my team once I get in. Any good assists with Morrigan and She-Hulk that would help me get in on my opponent and apply pressure? Every assist I do with She-Hulk ends up hurt her before she actually gets to attack.

You can’t have everything.

Not with that team, anyway.

You can’t just build a team based off of characters you enjoy playing on point if you want to do well. You have to choose 1 character as a point character and build your team around him/her.

Sorry but like everyone is saying, you have to build your team around a certain character. Out of She-Hulk, Haggar, Morrigan, who is your best? Build your team around that.