Help with becoming a good fighting game player

First off, i’m not sure if this belongs here becasue when i was reading the rules it said non-capcom games are now allowed here i’m not sure if now was a typo or not. but I think that it is not. k also this is my first post and i am a newb.

k here’s what i need help with, I have been fighting games for years and never really got into them. Now that I have gotten into them, I have been playing other people and getting horribly owned. The game i play the most is Kof2k2, I know the basics of a fighting game, but i don’t know the strategic play and combos of it. Can anyone give me tips on becoming a good player? Also main characters i use in KOF are
Andy Bogard
Ryo / Sie Kensou

post a vid, and I’m sure everyone would be more than happy to pick it apart for you.

Thanks for the reply, and you mean a combo video?

I think he means a match video :tup:

hmmm…I don’t think i can find any with the characters I use…

I think he means make your own match videos

heheh alright, what’s a good video capturing program?

If you have a video card capable of capturing, it should come with software that lets you capture video.

If not, I think you can play emulator on your PC and capture that way… I remember seeing a guide somewhere for this type of capture, but I can’t remember where… sorry. Anyone?

yea I have kaillera, but don’t have any program/game recording programs

mame has an input recorder
just do “play and record input” or hold left ctrl and shift before starting a game on kaillera
and a kof2k2.inp will show up in your mame/inp/ dir, if not just create one
then just post it here, or hell, post in the kaillera section and ask for some help.
I could try giving you whatever small tips I can give.

You could also check out the KOF Threads here, there is a lot of infos about Andy and Ryo for sure!

Alos check out Ponders posts (like, they can be very intersting at times and maybe get ya a point or two, to get better or just develop a different opinion about this and that.

Alright thanks alot for the help, i’ll try making a video of a matc h

k here’s an input video of me versing someone that seems my level or just alittle bit above, since i started beating him torwards the end… here it is, please tell me what i need work with, thank you!

KOF2K2 Kaillera Input Video

I cant download it. Maybe check and make sure the link is correct?

Basic advice I can give you though: Dont give up, dont let losses discourage you, no matter how many. The thing to remember with fighting games is that every match , SOMEBODY looses.

Pick a game that you really want to learn (preferably one that a lot of people play, so that you have human competition) and pick a character that you want to learn. Sometimes (actually most of the time in my case) your first choice will not be the character you stick with, so dont worry too much about that, just try all the characters out a little, see who best fits your style (youll know what I mean when you find that character). Read up on your character. This site has some good info on characters in the more popular games, has info on pretty much every character from every game (although their SF2 strategy is lacking in my opinion).

Above all have fun, the fighting game scene is competitive, very much so, thats the nature of the beast…but it is just a game. Thats somthing a lot of people tend to forget (myself included from time to time). Just practice when you can, and dont be afraid to change your style to fit your competition (your style should be changing constantly as you learn more and adapt to the tactics of your competitors).

Just keep at it. Getting good at fighting games is a lot more difficult than getting good at some other kinds of games.

I have fixed the link it is here, it couldn’t download because tripod doesn’t let files with any other extension other then html get downloaded

KOF Kaillera Input Video

Still not working man.

hmmm wow tripod’s gay…

i’ma just use usendit and update it from time to time if it stops working… here’s the link

I’m also a new player. Is there a page or site that can hellp newbies like me to learn the advanced basics? I was wondering what cf.LP cc, sf, sc and jt is… I’m guessing LP is low punch but what are the other letters before it?


That should get you started… The rest of has lots of articles about CvS2 and CFJ as well.