Help with Benimaru BnB (KOF 98)


Just started learning KOF 98 on keyboard. I would really appreciate any assistance on the inputs to execute the: cr.Bx2 Inazuma kick. I can do the dp motion fine but when I try to cancel it from a crouching position I can’t get it to come out.

Actually I’m struggling with a lot of bnb combos. Here are some others I want to do:
Terry: cr.B,cr.A,d/f+C xx B Power Charge (hcf+B)/A Burn Knuckle (qcb+A)/Power Geyser (qcb,f+P)

Kyo: cl.C xx qcf+C~hcb+C~f+C
cr.B,cr.A/cl.A/cl.B xx qcf,qcf+P

Joe: cl.C/cr.C,f+B xx Hurricane Tiger (qcf,hcb+P)/Slash Kick (hcf+K) (D Slash Kick whiffs on some crouchers)
cr.B(x2),cr.A xx Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel (qcf,hcb+P)
*This first one seems like it should be easy using an input shortcut, d/f+B, qcb+P, still can’t get it to come out.

Robert: cr.Bx2 xx B Rapid Kicks (hcb+B)

Ralf: cr.C xx Ground ‘n’ Pound (qcb,hcf+K)

Takuma: cr.A/Bx2,f+A xx C Fireball (qcf+C)
cr.A/Bx3,f+A (optional) xx A Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf,hcb+A)

Iori: cl.C/cr.C, f+A xx qcb+Cx3/qcf,hcb+P
cr.B, cr.A/cl.A/cl.B, f+A xx qcb+Cx3/qcf,hcb+P
cr.B, cr.A/cl.A/cl.B xx qcb+Ax3/qcf,hcb+P


Hello again.

That’s quite a combo list. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a lot of help to offer that will help with all of them. KOF is known for it’s difficult to execute moves, and even simple combos can give fighting game vets difficulty. Were you able to edit your keybord layout to make hitting key attack buttons easier?

Something you may be having difficulty with is quarter-circle motions. Older arcade games were never designed to be played on a keyboard/controller, so this fluid sweeping motion can be tricky to pull off. For example, Iroi’s 108 shiki yami baral requires such a motion. Instead of hitting down-right in quick succession, it may be required to hit down, hold down while hitting right, then let up on the down key so that you’re holding right. This way the game registers a 236 motion and not a 26 motion.

Again, the game is known for it’s legendary difficulty for performing combos. Don’t get discouraged if it takes some time just to link 2 specials together.


Hahaha thanks DQ. I need a good teacher to talk through the inputs with me I think. When to start pressing certain arrows at specific times, to get the moves to cancel properly. I don’t want to use just zoning/poke characters without bnb combos ;D maybe I’ll just use Ralf and Chang for the time being.

Actually the quarter circle motions aren’t a problem when I want a fireball, but cancelling from normals is where I have difficulty.


Being that your questions are so specific and technical, you might have better luck posting in the king of fighters section of the forum. You’re more likely to have people who actively play the game answer your questions there. Having said that, it looks like most of the topics are quite old. Still, you never know!

If you have no luck finding a tutor, then you can turn to youtube. Here’s a combo video that shows some BnB with Iori (start at 1:40)

Not all the information is there, but you can kind of get an idea of how fast you have to be or when a move can be canceled from videos like this.


Thanks again DQ. I just from arrow keys to WASD and it has done wonders, stuff coming out sooo much better.


Use ralf (hell use iori since ralf is not a good battery), a character that you use very and daimon.

Thats probably your best choice. Watch videos, big combos in kof 98 aren’t that useful