Help with BlazBlue Combos


Hello there. I played BlazBlue Calamity Trigger years ago and loved it. I mained Tao, and I thought the game was really balanced. I just bought Chrono Phantasma and realized that they changed everything about every character’s combos. A lot of the combos, which were easier to do, have been erased in this version, and the game’s challenge mode is full of combos, that are not reliable to pull off. I’ve looked at EVO vids and it seems that the top players are not doing the combos in the challenge mode, but rather know their own combos that challenge mode does not teach you, and are more relaible. My question is where would I find these combos at? I’ve looked everywhere and it seems that BB doesn’t really have a community anywhere to talk about good combos for the game. Thanks in advance.


Dustloop is the premier spot to talk about anime/airdasher


If you find challenge mode combos before 20 “not reliable”, it means your execution needs some work. Dustloop is the place to go (spend some time on their BBCP Wiki page), but most importantly practice more. You’ll find great combos there, but they won’t solve your problem, only training more will.


Challenges 1-25 are pretty easy comparitively and while the combo’s arn’t optimal, you should be able to do them reliably as the ones used in actual play arn’t any easier. Keep practicing! :slight_smile:

That said, have some links.

Move info + Frame data:

Combo list:


If you feel like beating up a scrubby Izayoi for practice feel free to add me on psn, tag is in my sig.