Help with Blockbusters


Hello everyone, I am new to SkullGirls and fighters in general. I am having issues with performing most of the Blockbusters due to the fact that they require a duplicate input such as Valentine’s Dead on Arrival: with qcb + hPhP… I’m pretty sure it is my timing but i have spent hours just attempting this pattern to no avail, my character either does the standard move for qcb+ hP or does just a normal hP. my question is what the heck am I doing wrong and does anyone have some tips? If I’m not using the right terminology please excuse me as I am new to the whole fighting game scene


Supers require you to press two punch buttons or two kick buttons at the same time (light punch and medium punch, medium kick and high kick, whatever two you choose).

It sounds like you’re pressing the same button twice in a row (heavy punch)?


oh ok, I’ll try that, when I read the moves list I thought it was two of the same punches back to back.


No, two different punches or kicks pressed at the same time.

You also airdash easily by pressing two punch buttons at the same time (easiest way is just to macro the thing if you’re on a pad). Can anybody here even consistently airdash with the dpad/joystick? I’ve tried it and it feels nearly impossible.


I find it easy to dash right using only the joystick easily, but not left. MY OPPONENTS TEND TO KNOW THIS WHEN I PLAY SF


Like, can you consistently IAD for combos and whatnot to the right with the joystick?


Yes. But I can’t do jack going left. I tend to just use PP regardless for consistency, but when I get flustered I may resort to joystick.


Thanks for the fast replies, you don’t know how much frustration this has saved me ha ha. you guys/gals rock!


If you new you’d probably want to check out beginner’s guide to SG.
Oh, and did you try to clear in-game tutorial? It’s pretty helpful.