Help WIth Breaking Throws (without Crouch Teching)


This is seriously the only FG I’ve ever played where breaking throws that I KNOW are coming seems impossible. If I’m confident of a throw attempt, I don’t want to be mashing CT. Is there anything anyone tell me that I may not have considered when it comes to breaking throws?


Don’t contemplate…perceive.


There isn’t really a secret. You just have to practice and get better at reacting to it.


the problem is that throw input in the same frame -> random winner is just stupid and you cant really practice that


If you’re having trouble teching throws, you’re probably playing online. There’s really no way to get good at that because lag varies from game to game and it’s hard to react to it on lag. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched my replays to confirm that I reacted to a throw, it shows me inputting the tech command, but the lag makes it so the game doesn’t register it. It’s the same thing with walking forward and trying to block, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t depending on the connection.