Help with building a gamecube stick

Hey all, have any of you built an arcade stick using a gamecube controller pcb? I admit, I’m completely new to building arcade sticks, and I can’t seem to find any info online about building a gamecube stick (theyre all for ps1). If anyone can help me out here please do.

well i know theres a psx converter for the GC, but theres not much fighters for the GC/wii ( TVC, KOF orochi saga, and GGAC are the only ones worth buying )
but if you really need one hit up the trading outlet, i know i seen a stick for the GC somewhere there recently

Capcom Vs SNK 2

Soul Calibur 2

Bloody Roar

TVC is worth getting a stick.

I would get a Cthulhu MC pcb … supports PS3,PSX,GC,XBOX and PC with one board and also cheap :wgrin:
this will be the easiest way …

oh totally need a cthulu board
that would be the best way for you since you can use it for psx and gc and xbox1

i need one of them badboys!

My vote is for the MC Cthulu as well.

i see well thanks a lot guys. the mc cthulu really looks appealing… seeing as i have all three last gen consoles with different fighters on each. plus i can play tatsunoko on my wii too :slight_smile:

MC Cthulu ftw