Help with buying a new arcade stick

Hello everyone I’m new here and have been dying to find a website that has true fighting fans that truly enjoy this genre and looks like I have been fortunate to find one.

Anyways… I’m a big Tekken and Street Fighter fan and besides playing at the arcade I usually don’t get to play with an arcade stick. Now with T5DR on the PS3 I’ve finally gotten tired of using the controller and really want to get a good arcade stick to make my juggles and combos a lot easier to pull off and not so painful on my hands. I have been looking at the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and was wondering what everyone’s opinions are about this stick?

I’d also like to know if anyone swapped in any Sanwa buttons or changed the stick and is this stick good enough to play Street Fighter even though the stick is more squared compared to American sticks? I’d also appreciate any other options that are out there and are really good choices. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives their advice.

Scrap this thread and head to tech talk, before both you and the thread get burned…

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HRAP3 is the truth yo

there’s sega’s virtua stick high grade for PS3 also but that tends to drop inputs if you press 3 or more buttons at once so ehhhh

plus sanwa buttons are both all over the place and very easy to put into the hrap3 (open the case and you’ll see they just snap right in and use quick disconnects on the wires)

out of the box the hrap3 and vshg both have true blue sanwa sticks, i and many others can tell you they’re just about all you’ll ever need

also peeps going “LOL WRONG FORUM” fail, that shit doesn’t make it magically jump into the right forum any faster buddies

Sorry about that didn’t know where exactly to post it but thanks for the advice.

Get a HRAP SA2.

keep in mind that he’s playing on ps3

And a converter.

Or a HRAP 3, 70$ in Japan at Bic Camera.