Help with buying a new arcade stick

Hello everyone I’m new here and have been dying to find a website that has true fighting fans that truly enjoy this genre and looks like I have been fortunate to find one.

Anyways… I’m a big Tekken and Street Fighter fan and besides playing at the arcade I usually don’t get to play with an arcade stick. Now with T5DR on the PS3 I’ve finally gotten tired of using the controller and really want to get a good arcade stick to make my juggles and combos a lot easier to pull off and not so painful on my hands. I have been looking at the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and was wondering what everyone’s opinions are about this stick?

I’d also like to know if anyone swapped in any Sanwa buttons or changed the stick and is this stick good enough to play Street Fighter even though the stick is more squared compared to American sticks? I’d also appreciate any other options that are out there and are really good choices. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives their advice.

The HRAP3 is a great stick to buy. The joystick that is use is a Sanwa JLF, and the buttons are hori buttons. I would suggest buying the stick and replacing the buttons with Sanwa OBSF-buttons. The buttons are tons better than the hori ones and they are a lot more sensitive than the stock ones.

The great thing about the HRAP3 is that you can not only use it on the PS3 but you can also use it on the pc. From what I’ve read from other posts the stick works flawlessly on the PS3, so you won’t have any problems with lag.

The gate that comes stock with the HRAP3 will be a square gate. When you do decide to order new buttons I suggest you order an octagon gate as well. The gate is more or a preference rather than a necessity. Some prefer the square gate and others prefer the octagon gate.

For info on T5 and stick reviews you could check out Markmans site here. He wrote wonderful reviews on the different sticks that are available and converter option you have for the PS3.

On a side note check the stickies before posting. You will most definitely get flamed. Good luck!

Yeah, the HRAP3 is a very good decision! Probably the best PS3 Stick at the moment. Changing the Buttons is pretty easy for every Arcade Stick. So, that’s no reason to hesitate.
I play on Sanwa part myself and there is no problem and I already tried American style arcade sticks but prefer the Japanese style.

If don’t know where to order one, go read my signature.

You could try NCSX to get one. Click here to check it out.

Get the hrap3 you will not regret it. I was in the same dilemma as you, but I got the hrap3 from play-asia and now I want to buy another one for when my friends come over.

You will get used to the square gate really fast don’t worry. I actually now like the Japanese setup better. Just replace the hori buttons with some sanwa and your going to be stoked on the thing.
It works great for a mac/pc too!!!

One more question even though I’ve read through many of the stickys. How easy is it to swap in the arcade stick into the HRAP3 because if it’s as annoying as it was to mod my PS2 I guess I would have to just deal with the default stick. And is the default stick really that good in your opinions.

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uh, duh


There is no soldering required, since the buttons use Quick Disconnects/removable connectors and the JLF uses a harness that can be unplugged. It’s all literally a simple swap.

Last question. Since there is a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA with all Sanwa parts, do you know where I could purchase it because I’ve checked play-asia and haven’t been able to locate it but have been able to find the HRAP3. Would you guys just recommend buying the HRAP3 and then buying the Sanwa buttons separately?

I believe the HRAPS3: SA never came to fruition. Hori canceled the model since there weren’t many PS3 out on the market at the time it was announced.

yup it was canceled. just get a HRAP3 and put sanwa buttons. its really easy to do.

Sorry for posting AGAIN, but which Sanwa OBSF buttons do you need to put in with the HRAP3? Again I apologize for continuing this thread more.

OBSF 30 for the main buttons and OBSF 24 for the start and select