Help with choice of arcade sticks!


So, I was planning to buy a new arcade stick, since my thumbs are so sore for controllers and I remember as a kid having a lot of fun at arcades. So, I have a budget. The only ones I can afford is the Mayflash Universal Arcade Stick and maybe the Hori Fighting Stick 3, most likely Mayflash is the on that I can afford. I am also just looking for a PS3/PC(WINDOWS 7) stick that is compatible with both systems.(
So, is it worth buying for a beginner, how does it sustain playing or is there any other stick for about the same price? Oh, by the way I live in Swede, Europe. So I don’t have access to gamestop and such.



see the sticky right above you. prices may/may not reflect the current market prices but if you’re on a budget and looking for a dual modded stick, all i can say is good luck finding something in your budget when a dual modded board costs 60 alone


Yeah I haven’t been keep up with prices due to the fact the market is always changing.
Prices are a rough guide of whats that stick worth when it was new rather than the current market price.